Why The Still is the Perfect Holiday Escape

Why The Still is the Perfect Holiday Escape

It’s beginning to look a lot like…holiday stress!

If the hustle and bustle of the holidays has been wearing on you, don’t despair! The Still is the perfect spot to enjoy a brief reprieve from holiday stress and relax with some great food, drinks, and entertainment. 

If you’ve been looking for a mini-getaway from the holidays, look no further than our Las Vegas sports bar! Read on to learn why The Still is the perfect holiday escape…

A Welcoming, Comfortable Space 

Sometimes, it’s nice to escape the responsibility of home and/or work…The Still is the perfect place to do it. At about 8,000 square feet, our space may be large, but it still manages to be welcoming and comfortable. The Still is creatively and appealingly decorated, with quirky yet fun elements like Bud Bud’s, the airstream trailer that acts as both kitchen and centerpiece of the space. 

We joke that it’s the ultimate “man cave,” but honestly, everyone feels at home in our comfortable space! Plus, our warm, welcoming staff is always happy to see you! 

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All the Games and All the Big Screen Action! 

Do you love sports? Good news…we love sports, too. There’s no better way to escape the roar of holiday responsibilities than slipping away to catch the game at The Still! 

We’ve got an impressive 27 big screens throughout the space, so no matter where you’re seated, you’re guaranteed to have a great view of all the action. 

During Football season, we’ve got ALL the games on lock: Monday and Thursday Night Football, Saturday College Football, and we even open early on Sundays so you can catch all the early-day games. 

We also host regular UFC viewing parties and showcase other sporting events too…so don’t miss the chance to cheer on your favorites! 

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A Mecca for Beer Lovers

Beer! Beer! Beer! It’s liquid happiness, to be sure…and we’ve got plenty of it on tap (or by the bottle or can) at The Still.

If you’re a beer connoisseur, The Still is the ideal destination to help work yourself into a merry state of mind this holiday season!

Seriously: no matter what style or flavor you prefer, we’ve got the perfect option. Our extensive beer menu includes over 50 types of beer! 

Our draft list is long and comprehensive, with options ranging from hoppy IPAs to light lagers to dark, rich stout. You can also choose your own adventure in terms of quantity: our drafts are available by the pint, liter, or by the group-friendly pitcher. 

We’ve also got plenty of bottles and cans to choose from, so whether you love fancy craft beers or like to keep it classic, we’ve got what you’re looking for. We even have gluten-free options! Check out our website to see the current menu. 

Creative Cocktails and More! 

Not everyone loves beer…and even beer lovers like to mix it up from time to time. If you’re craving a cocktail or another type of drink to get in a holiday state of mind, we’ve got plenty of great options for you, too! 

Our wine list includes plenty of delicious and food-friendly options. Red, white, rosé, sparkling…no matter what your favorite type of wine is, we’ve got the perfect pick. 

Our cocktail list is Santa-and-elf approved too, with plenty of delicious flavors to titillate the senses. 

For example, our “Golden Boy” cocktail will have you feeling cozy: it’s made with Avion Silver Tequila, passion fruit, lime, agave, habanero tincture, and a cinnamon sugar rim. 

Or maybe you’ll go for one of our signature Mule cocktails, where you choose your spirit and then we add fresh lime juice and top it with Fever Tree Ginger Beer and serve it over ice. Choose from a variety of vodkas, tequilas, bourbon, or whiskey! 

Are you the designated driver…or just don’t feel like drinking? We have plenty of non-alcoholic drink options too. 

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An Amazing Food Menu 

Great food can really help you chill out in the wake of holiday stress. At The Still, our thoughtful menu includes plenty of comfort-food favorites that you can feel good about putting in your body! Our commitment to fresh ingredients and expert preparation makes for tasty and feel good food. 

Flavorful favorites like Mini Cheese Burgers (served with lettuce, chopped onion, Bud Bud’s special sauce, double meat and cheese on a toasted bun) or Beer Battered Fish and Chips will have you feeling fine…and our tacos have quickly become destination-worthy in the Vegas area. Read more about our creative taco flavors here!

If you’re trying to keep things healthy so you can save room for Aunt Mabel’s holiday cookies, you’ll love our lighter options. We’ve got a delicious Organic Mixed Greens Salad made with fresh-cut vegetables and white balsamic vinaigrette––you choose whether you’d like to add chicken breast or steak! 

Or, try our crowd-favorite Tuna Poke Bowl, made with brown rice, mixed greens or a combo, and served with avocado, seaweed, and spicy aioli. 

In a Holi-Daze? 

If you’ve been feeling stressed about the holidays, be sure to take a time out and visit The Still! Our feel-good sports bar is the perfect place to kick back, enjoy the game, indulge in some excellent food and drink, and de-stress a little. This is the type of self-care that can help you survive the holidays! We hope to see you soon at our Las Vegas sports bar

Are you ready for a holiday break at The Still?