Why The Still Is the Best Place to Watch UFC

Why The Still Is the Best Place to Watch UFC

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UFC Viewing Las Vegas

The UFC has famously marketed itself as having “no rules”. However, we think there should be just one rule in place: you’ve got to come to The Still for the best UFC viewing experience!

Watching UFC (short for Ultimate Fighting Championship) is simply better when enjoyed on a big screen, paired with great food and drink, and enjoyed with friends. While you’ll have to handle rounding up your friends, we can provide everything else.

What is UFC?

Short for Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC is a mixed martial arts event during which a series of fights (called “fight nights”) take place around the world. It is a premier MMA (mixed martial arts) organization.

UFC is a creative fusion of martial arts and fighting, with different weight classes keeping opponents even. There are events once a month, and here are just a few reasons why The Still should be considered your UFC headquarters!

Why The Still is the best place to watch UFC

1. Comfortable digs. Sure, you could watch UFC at home. But unless your home includes 8,000 square feet of pure man cave magnificence, you’re better off at The Still! Our cavernous and well appointed space features comfortable seating that’s perfect for you and your friends to kick back and enjoy the games in luxury.

2. Big screens everywhere! At The Still, we know that it’s better to watch the games unfold on the big screen. So we have a whopping 27 of them throughout our space. No matter where you’re seated in the venue, you’ll be treated to an A+ view of all of the UFC action.

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(Source: The Still Facebook page)

3. Beer, beer, and more beer. What liquid can improve the enjoyment of any and every sports-watching experience? Beer, of course! At The Still, no matter what style brew you prefer, we’ve got it either on tap or by the bottle or can.

Our extensive beer menu includes over 50 types of beer, including craft beer and classics. Our website showcases the menu of our available options, conveniently organized by style. No matter what you prefer, from a light and easy pick to a rich and flavorful brew, we’ve got the perfect beer for you. We even have gluten-free options!

4. Um, not just beer. For many, beer and sports may go together like peanut butter and jelly, but for others, a cocktail is the only thing that will do.

If you’re down for UFC but prefer a different beverage, The Still has you covered. We’ve got a robust variety of drink options, both boozy and non-boozy.

Are cocktails your thing? If so, it doesn’t get much better for a UFC pairing than our Raging Bull cocktail, which is made with Grey Goose vodka, tropical citrus juice blend, and Red Bull Orange Edition. Of course, if you want to keep things mellow, you might instead opt for our Southern Swag cocktail, which is concocted with Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey, dry curacao, lemon, and Scrappy’s Orange Bitters.

We also have red wine, white wine, and sparkling wines, as well as plenty of non-alcoholic drink options.

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5. Creative twists on party food. When it comes to sports and food, there are certain items such as chips and dips, burgers, tacos, and chicken wings that simply must be on the menu. We’re pretty sure it’s an unofficial law.

The Still offers up these time-honored traditions of game day grub, but with always-creative twists thanks to our high caliber chefs. For instance, you’ve never tasted tacos like ours–we guarantee it! You can read more about our creative taco flavors here.

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6. Better-for-you food options. Whether you’re watching your waistline or just prefer to eat lighter, The Still also offers plenty of healthier options that still offer an amazing dining experience.

We have amazing salads, a crowd-favorite Tuna Poke Bowl (made with either brown rice or mixed greens or a combo, avocado, seaweed, and spicy aioli), and a Grilled Chicken Brown Rice Bowl (made with mixed greens, avocado, pico, diced cucumbers, and pickled red onion).

Conclusion: If you’re enthusiastic about UFC, The Still provides the perfect place for your favorite fight night viewing. With an incredibly designed and comfortable space, a bevy of big screens, and incredible food and drinks, our Las Vegas sports bar is the ideal setting for UFC with your crew!

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