What People Are Saying about Game Day at The Still

What People Are Saying about Game Day at The Still

The Still isn’t your average sports bar. 

Be honest … When you hear the phrase “sports bar,” what do you think? You probably think of a dimly lit bar with a ton of big screens. Sure, the beer may be flowing, but the food’s so-so and so is the atmosphere. It’s all about the big game … and everything else is clearly a second thought.

This isn’t the case at The Still! We’ve taken care with every detail in our venue to ensure the optimal sports viewing experience.

Big screens? We’ve got them in multitude — 27, to be exact! That means no matter where you’re sitting, you’ll have a killer view.

But our menu, drinks, service, and the setting are also top notch. Moreover, we’ve created the ultimate “man cave” — where everyone is welcome if they’re ready to enjoy the game! 

But don’t just take our word for it — see what people like you are saying! Here are some reviews we’ve gotten about how great our venue is for enjoying sports in style.

Corona- Game Day

(Source: The Still Facebook page)

What People Are Saying about Game Day at The Still 

According to Yelp reviewer Tamie F., it’s all about the big screens, awesome seating, and impressive menu:

“The Still is a not so hidden gem it took us over 4 years to find/try. It’s right by the guest elevators, so we walk by it multiple times a day every time we stay here! It seems like a run of the mill sports bar as you walk by, but it’s so much more when you enter. They have more TV’s than most sports bars, the comfortable seating of a lounge, and a variety of food options you would not expect at a bar. For a sports bar, this place is 5 stars!”

Her review continues,

“Ambiance: The food truck in the back serves as the kitchen and a fun aesthetic element. It creates the tailgate experience they are going for! You order drinks from your server but food at the window. Two different bills, but everything is served to you at your table. As previously noted, there are plenty of good sized TV’s for your sports viewing pleasure. Big bonus for me was the largely 90’s to 2000’s music with some contemporary alternative type hits mixed in there. Think Gavin DeGraw to Maroon 5 and Matchbox 20.”

wings- game day

(Source: The Still Facebook page)

As Yelp reviewer Ricardo M. shares, it’s an awesome place to enjoy UFC matches and killer wings: 

“Absolutely great sports venue forsure! Watched the UFC fight here and definitely will be coming back. Service by Rachael & Cienna were beyond amazing. Ordered the wings and nachos, FIRE! Lol great atmosphere and will be going more often.”

According to sports fan and Yelp reviewer Anthony M., The Still is destination-worthy for game day:

“Definite destination bar!  Always a favorite spot to visit when in Vegas. The Mirage has a nice casino and sports book right by the Still so when I did my first visit, I thought…when people take a break, it’s a perfect spot.  But dang I learned quickly that it’s a great spot to go all in itself. Great food — from a unique food truck concept — and it’s so worth checking out. (I am craving the tacos right now ). With TVs everywhere, it’s great for sports fans, but the open (and huge) floor plan is great for happy hour or any night out.  And to make it more fun than most spots, the service staff all seem to have great personalities and treat you so well. Some will even catch you by surprise (Heck, one of the Still team – Rachael – may well be the most genuinely nice person I have ever met…and she’s always that way. So the staff is always amazing!).  So you take a great team and combine it with such a flexible, easy, spot where you can just go and chill, party, watch sports, get stuffed on killer grub, and roll however you want…it’s def worth a visit!”


Location, service, and plenty of beer options made The Still a must-visit venue for Yelp reviewer Wesley M.


“First time there in the 4 years it’s been in the Mirage. Real comfortable ambiance. The waitresses, Kelly was ours, were great! Fast, attentive and always smiling! We only knew about this place is because Las Vegas Golden Knights Ryan Reeves was there to promote his new beer. We had the opportunity to meet him and take a picture with him. It’s a place we’ll go back to again! 

The beers start at $9. It was relaxing to just hang out there. Didn’t partake in any meals, but the chips and salsa were outstanding!! Game 2 of the NHL playoffs were on every TV, with the volume up.”

nachos-game day

(Source: The Still Facebook page)

But it’s not just about the games we show — it’s about the service and people, too. According to Yelp reviewer Hannah M.

“Located in the heart of the Mirage on the center of the Las Vegas strip this place is a welcoming bar with the most friendly staff I’ve ever seen!

We were in town during the rodeo which was extremely busy! This hotel was the boomin’ with business as well as this bar! There was one empty seat so I took it and my husband stood behind me. 

We immediately got greeted by Caroline who was super friendly and efficient on getting our orders out right away. She continued to keep checking in on us for refills, etc. she even gave us waters without asking which I feel like for a bartender that is super busy was great and you don’t see that happen too often. 

The atmosphere was great TVs with live sporting events all around, great music, clean and just an all around great atmosphere. We will definitely be back next time we’re in Vegas!”

Join Us For the Big Game! 

No matter what kind of sports you love best, The Still is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite team in action. We’ve got a ton of big screens, amazing food and drink options, and incredible service … It’s the real deal! 

If you’re ready to enjoy the big game at a venue that offers an experience unlike any other, then our Las Vegas sports bar can’t be missed. Make a reservation today

Have you watched sports at The Still? How was your experience?