The Whale: A Barleywine You’ve Got to Try!

The Whale: A Barleywine You’ve Got to Try!

Have we got a whale of a tale to share today! The Still is proud to announce that we’re now offering a unique barleywine-style beer called The Whale, one of the most exciting new releases from a local Las Vegas business, the one and the only Bad Beat Brewing.

In this post, we’ll offer an informative look on the newest addition to The Still’s menu. Starting with a description of what barleywine style beers are and progressing to what makes The Whale and its brewer special, you’ll gain an understanding of (not to mention a craving for) this unique beer style! We hope you’ll join us on the 12th for the official debut; see the bottom of this post for more details.

What is barleywine? Don’t let the name confuse you: barleywine (or sometimes two words, barley wine) is actually a beer. “Strong” and “intense” are frequent descriptors of barleywines. They trend toward a higher alcohol content: The Whale, for instance, contains 9.2% alcohol by volume. It’s this higher alcohol content, which is more like that of a wine, that gives this type of beer its name. However, since it’s brewed with grain, it is still definitely a beer.

Why choose barleywine? Craft beer connoisseurs have long appreciated the unique flavor complexity of the barleywine style, which is unlike any other type of beer. Barleywines tend to be darker in color, and boast a heavy, heady scent. The strength and intensity of the beer makes it a fascinating beverage to taste. Flavors ranging from fruit to caramel to hops will emerge on the tongue as you sip. A barleywine truly is a beverage to be slowly savored so that you can let the flavor adventure unfold. If you’ve never tried a barleywine, it’s an experience that is not to be missed. And The Whale is the perfect place to start!

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The Whale: the newest barleywine on The Still’s menu. As you’ve gathered, barleywine is a very special and unique type of beer to begin with. But local brewery Bad Beat Brewing has created a barleywine that is truly out of this world with their new offering, The Whale. As the brewers explain:

“The Whale is all about malt! A tremendous amount of flavor complexity with a rich and warm color. Creamy toffee, butterscotch, and caramel flavors….all that while using zero caramel or crystal malts. This may sound like a tough liquid to swallow, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the smooth and mellow mouth feel. The whale finishes with a bit of alcohol warmth, as pleasant reminder that you’re drinking a strong ale.”

About Bad Beat Brewing. The Whale is just the latest creative offering from Bad Beat Brewing. The brewery is fairly new to the scene: it was conceived in 2012, when founder Nathan Hall noticed a void in the Vegas beer market compared to other cities. As he puts it, “Our idea is simple: make fresh, high quality products that the locals can support and enjoy.” He went all in, even selling his house to fund his dream brewery.

Turns out, it was a great gamble! Their first brew day was June 5th 2014, when they created their Gutshot beer, a dry Irish stout. Initially their cellar capacity was 40 beer barrels; now, they’ve nearly quadrupled that production. Everything they make is brewed and bottled on site in Nevada. For the moment, their beers are only distributed in Nevada, so it’s truly an experience not to be missed.

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What should you eat with The Whale? A barleywine is an exquisite flavor sensation, but it’s even better when served with food. But…what food? The big and powerful flavor of this beer can make it tricky to pair it with the right dishes. So what should you look for when pairing food with a barleywine?

There are a few different ways you can approach pairing food with The Whale. One way is to choose flavors that will work well with the sweet undertones of the beer. The sweetness from the pineapple in our Chicken Tacos, for instance, makes for a fascinating flavor combination. Our BBQ Chicken Quesadilla with a sweet-tangy sauce is another contender to pick up that sweet malty magnificence in the beer.

Another approach is to choose a contrasting powerful flavor to pair with the barleywine. For instance, our Chili Cheese Dog is an assertively flavored and “big” dish in every way, and it is able to stand up to the strong flavors of this strong barleywine.

It should also be stated, for the record, that barleywine tends to pair excellently with dessert. The Whale with our fried pb+j? Pure magic!

Ready to try The Whale? Lucky you; we have a special event to kick off our new offering. Here are the details!

What: The Whale launch party

When: Tuesday, December 12th, at 6:30 pm

Where: The Still (for directions and more information, visit our website)

Bonus: The first 30 guests will receive a free cupcake from Sin City Cupcakes infused with The Whale!

Barleywine is truly a must-try style for beer aficionados. We hope to see you at The Still soon so that you can try The Whale, the exciting new barleywine release from Bad Beat Brewing!

Have you ever tried a barleywine?