Weekend Football Just Got Even Better at The Still 

Weekend Football Just Got Even Better at The Still 

Rise and Shine–It’s Football Time at The Still! 

Being a football fan on the West Coast can be brutal, especially if you’re more of a night owl than an early bird. It’s even worse if you’re prone to hangovers or sleeping through your alarm. Luckily, The Still is an old pro when it comes to knowing how to make Game Day wake-ups easier for Pacific Time Zone Peeps, starting with opening doors earlier at 9 am and serving two new breakfast options.  

Breakfast Sandwich 

On game day, the term “balanced breakfast” has a different meaning than usual as hitting all four food groups as it is about stimulating the senses and squaring up against the night before. The Still’s Breakfast Sandwich offers a great start to game day with two eggs and a choice of sausage or bacon topped with American cheese on a brioche bun. To make sure you’ve got plenty of fuel for football, it comes with a side of tater tots and arbol salsa. 

Breakfast Burrito 

For those who must have their food wrapped instead of stacked, The Still’s Breakfast Burrito is the way to go. Similar in foodstuffs but differing in preparation, the breakfast burrito has scrambled eggs with mozzarella cheese and a choice of sausage or bacon all snugly secured in a large flour tortilla. Tater tots and arbol salsa come on the side again, so there won’t be any competition on the sidelines between you and the crew for who made the better breakfast play. 

Raiders Radar 

It’s been a rough 0-2 start to the season, especially after last week’s unsettling Q4 upset against the Arizona Cardinals that would have been a comedy of errors if it hadn’t hurt enough to cause tears. The next few weeks may be an uphill battle, but there’s no tougher fanbase in the NFL who can rally behind their team to help them in that fight like Raider Nation. It doesn’t hurt that the Tennessee Titans are coming into Sunday’s game with a similar 0-2 record, so there’s still plenty of hope to help you spring out of bed for that 9 am start time, and great breakfast options at The Still packed and stacked (or wrapped) to help you stoke the football flame back to a roaring fire.