Looking To Do Fight Night Right? Watch UFC 278 at The Still 

Looking To Do Fight Night Right? Watch UFC 278 at The Still 

Get It Right, Get It Tight and Watch UFC 278 at The Still 

This Saturday, August 20th, the UFC has a packed main card starting with welterweight champ Kamuru Usman defending his title against Leon Edwards. These five matchups are going down in Salt Lake City, so with no arena seats available, you can bet bar stools will fill up fast. As the best place in Vegas to watch UFC 278, you should probably reserve your fight night seats at The Still faster than Masvidal finished Askren. 

Five Is The Magic Number

If you’re wondering when you can settle into your spot at The Still Saturday night, know that doors open at 5 pm. An easy way to remember this is that the title fight is 5 rounds, so now you won’t be late to watch the prelims and other great matches. A friendly reminder that there is a $100 food and beverage minimum, but with five fights on the main card, you’ll hit that target with more ease than Romanov is predicted to hit Tybura’s nose. Now that you know the deets, you’ll be sitting sweetly on your seat on track and on time. 

Throwing Shade Before Punches   

Sometimes the best part of UFC is the drama preceding the fight. Prior to the match, fighters talk so much smack you’d think they’re running a trap, and it’s glorious. The UFC tea was not weak this week, especially because this rematch has had six years to brew. Per CBS Sports, Leon Edwards cockily claimed Kamaru Usman’s “body is breaking down” and that he’s “damaged goods.” Compliment this heat from the street with some spicy fries and a Firestone 805 while you watch to see if Edwards gets beat or is right on the money. 

Making Weight 

If you’re a UFC aficionado, you probably know the ins and outs of all the nine official weight classes. Some UFC and MMA weight classes differ slightly from other sports like boxing, so it’s helpful to know that Saturday’s welterweight has a max of 170 pounds. While the consequences of a UFC fighter not making weight is certainly much higher than the average joe’s, everyone likes to be able to fit in their pants at the end of the day. If you’re also trying to tip the scale lower, try some of The Still’s healthier options like the Tuna Poke Bowl or Organic Mixed Greens Salad. Don’t worry–healthier doesn’t mean less taste–the Truly Wild Berry seltzer packs a tasty punch without the heavy calories. 

Reserve Your Seat To Watch UFC 278 at The Still

If you’re looking to get down at the best place in town, make your reservation to watch UFC 278 at The Still today!