It’s “Treat Yo’ Self Day” and The Still Has All The Ways To Do So

It’s “Treat Yo’ Self Day” and The Still Has All The Ways To Do So

Treat Yo’ Self This Thursday At The Still in Las Vegas

This Thursday, October 13th is Treat Yo’ Self Day! For those who don’t know where that originates from, hopefully, the name will cue you in as it’s pretty self-explanatory. In honor of this day of doing what you want, The Still has plenty of ways for you to indulge, to give yourself a little boost and let loose, as well as reasons why it’s key for you to do so. 

Why You Should Celebrate This Unofficial Official Day

It’s Good For Your Mental Health 

Think major dopamine boost bro. Like the mental equivalent of raiding a GNC. Consider watching Thursday Night Football at The Still to give yourself a change of pace and space while catching a rush from The Wheel of Deals. 

Rewarding Yourself For Positive Behavior Reinforces Positive Behavior 

Pretty much the equivalent of “Who’s A Good Boy? Just like giving your dog a treat for a trick or following a command, rewarding yourself for hitting a milestone or just plain working hard will train your brain to do it again. Indulge in a Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA with a high ABV or a Red Hydrant Brown Ale if you’re recently potty trained. 

Promotes Positive Self-Care 

Dudes, sometimes you have to check in with yourself and give yourself a break. Don’t worry about being tough or manly all the time. You have to change the oil and filter in your car every two thousand miles, so don’t ignore your own check engine light when it comes on. Want a Mango or Cucumber Mint martini? Get one! Screw the haters and do you, boo. 

Improves Productivity 

Classic “Carrot on a stick.” If you have an incentive, you’ll do a classic Kanye: work harder, faster, smarter, stronger. Have a cheat day. Eat the Fried PB&J or Fried Oreos. Skip the Mich Ultra and go for a Bad Beat Brew, you naughty thing. If you didn’t skip leg day, then you’re A-okay for a few extra calories. 

Lowers Stress Levels  

If you don’t take a break, then you’re more likely to break down. Don’t pull a Jessie Spano re: Saved By The Bell (80’s babies know whatsup), and allow yourself to get so excited about a little R&R. Pull up a seat at the bar, order something delicious, and savor in the downtime. Hopefully, the Raiders will use their extra day to rest up and come roaring back Monday with a W against the Chiefs. 

It’s Contagious 

Scientists found that being good to yourself leads to making others feel good too, so this Treat Yo’ Self day, maybe Treat Yo’ Friends if you can swing it. What better way than to boost your broskis than by booking the Man Cave? The wall of 4 TVs, leatherback chairs around a solid wood table, and cigar armchairs are the ultimate definitions of swank. Don’t forget that the beverage options are like a design-your-own open bar, which is badass to the bone.