Top 5 Reasons Tacos Are the Perfect Big Game Treat

Top 5 Reasons Tacos Are the Perfect Big Game Treat

Taco’s For The Ultimate Super Bowl Viewing Party

Here at The Still, we like to think that we are equal-opportunity food lovers. We love all food here and we know that the right food can make all of the difference in your game-day experience and that there is nothing quite like sitting down at a bar with fellow sports fans, enjoying a great meal and soaking up the local atmosphere. So, while we know that there are lots of foods that can be deemed “great” game-day cuisine—it isn’t burgers, fries and hotdogs that are really the perfect game-day treat. In our mind, the perfect game-day treat is tacos.

While we think that taking a bite of a delicious taco will more than speak for itself, we’ve decided to go ahead and make our own list of why we believe that tacos are the perfect game-day treat.

  1. Tacos Are the Best-Let’s be honest, the number one reason that tacos are the perfect game day treat, is because tacos are just the best. Tacos go great with any game. Looking for something spicy, savory, flavorful, or mild? Tacos can fit the bill. They are not just delicious, but versatile.
  2. Whether You Are a Carnivore or Pescatarian, We Have Something You Will Love-There are tacos for everyone—whether you want beef, chicken, fish or whatever dietary restrictions you have. Looking for something hearty? Try a filling beef taco. Looking for something healthy to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions? We have grilled fish tacos for that. No matter what you are looking for, tacos are a great option.
  3. They Are the Perfect Treat for Cheering On Your Favorite Team- One of the many great things about tacos for game day is that they are the perfect food to enjoy while cheering on your favorite team. You can hold your taco with one hand, and cheer or hold your beer with the other. It is truly a fan-friendly food.
  4. Tacos Pair Well With Great Drinks- Nothing goes better with a delicious taco than a delicious beverage. Here at The Still, we have a huge bar, plenty of draft beers and some of the best bartenders in Las Vegas. We love pairing tacos with our Presidential margarita, or an ice cold beer.
  5. They Are Easy to Share- One of the great things about enjoying a true gameday experience is sharing the game day fun with other fans. This is why tacos are so perfect for gameday. They are easy to share with your friends, because each order has several tacos (and everyone loves tacos). Enjoy them as your meal, split them with a friend, or order several and have tacos as an appetizer.

So, no matter who you are cheering for on game day—you can always get together with fellow fans and a big plate of tacos to really make the most of your game-day experience. This is why we invite any sports fan living in Las Vegas to come down to The Still during game-day. Whether you are an NFL fan, prefer college basketball or are a fan of our local Las Vegas Golden Knights, we always have all of the big games on our TVs right here at The Still. Plus, we have lots of great tacos to choose from. So bring your friends, order some tacos and pair it with some ice cold beers (we have dozens on tap) and enjoy the best possible game day experience right here at The Still.