The Still Proved in 2022 It’s The Place To Watch Sports in Las Vegas

The Still Proved in 2022 It’s The Place To Watch Sports in Las Vegas

The Best Beer Selection in Las Vegas Is Only One Reason The Still Reigns Supreme 

As soon as you walk in the doors at The Still, it’s very apparent that you’re not in Kansas anymore–you’re in heaven. It’s an 8,000-foot man cave with 27 high-definition TVs, great food, and unique cocktails that make watching any sports game feel like a grand event. On top of all of that, The Still goes above and beyond to make them the best place to watch sports in Las Vegas. Keep reading to hear about their highlights from a great 2022 sports-watching season. 

UFC Fight Nights 

One of the many events that The Still knocks out is UFC Fight Night. They always have great promotions so that you can get your drink and food on while they throw down on screen. One of the great things about The Still having over 50 craft beers is that you are able to cheer on your backed fighter with a local brew. Or, you can show your support by having a pour from wherever the contender is from, like keeping a Kona Longboard on hand when Max Holloway was in the ring. Keep an eye out for more UFC Fight Nights at The Still in 2023. 

The Football Season Reason

Football season is exciting enough, but in 2022 The Still made it better than ever. For all those early games that fell victim to the curse of the Pacific Time Zone, The Still opened the doors early so you could still see your teams on the big screens. They even offered hot and delicious breakfast burritos and sandwiches for those fans who need a little stomach warm-up before the real eating game begins. Add in the Wheel of Deals on game days and the Raiders Gear promos, and watching football at The Still in 2022 had more satisfied completions than Derek Carr did in his dreams. 


For Those Who Give A Puck

The Still came up with a winner of a hockey special this year better than the Vegas Golden Knights’ record–which is one of the best in the NHL. They give you a free draft beer if you wear your Golden Knights gear to watch the game, and they’re also giving out a free shot for every VGK goal scored. With 112 goals scored so far in the 34 games this season, that means you could have had 112 free shots and 35 draft beers. That alone is one reason to keep coming back to The Still for the 2023 season, and just one of many why The Still is the best place to watch sports in Las Vegas! 


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