The Still Is the Best Sports Bar to Watch UFC 277

The Still Is the Best Sports Bar to Watch UFC 277

The Still Is the Best Sports Bar to Watch UFC 277, Saturday, July 30th

It’s almost time for another fight night, so make sure you get your reservations for a primo seat at The Still, the best sports bar in Las Vegas. UFC 277’s main event is the rematch between current champ Julianna Peña and Amanda Nunes for the Women’s Bantamweight title. The initial match between these two fierce fighters resulted in a stunning upset from underdog Peña, so the stakes are high at the end of July. The Still will open its doors at 5 pm, so pull up a seat and enjoy these recommendations while you watch who wins and who gets beat. 

Team Peña

If you’re rooting for the Venezuelan Vixen to defend her title, then order the following to show your support for the first-ever woman winner of The Ultimate Fighter. While she’s a native of Spokane, Peña fights out of Chicago, IL, where Goose Island is Da Brewski to chooski. Pair that with a Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich that is light on the calories but heavy on the satisfaction. Throw on a little hot sauce in honor of the heat that Peña brings to the ring, and your meal will be a TKO. 

Team Nunes

The amount of championships and UFC titles that the Lioness has won is absolutely insane, and she credits this to her energetic upbringing. Her mother put her into karate at age 7 because she was already getting into street fights, so grab a Truly Wild Berry for this truly wild child. You can keep it featherweight with a pint or go pound-for-pound with the 24 oz can. Compliment that with some Chicken Street Tacos in a reverent nod to Nunes’s street-fighting youth, and you’ll be all set to cash in on your bet that Nunes will reign once again. 

Team I Just Like MMA 

If you have no dawg in the fight and are just down to enjoy a night of mixed martial arts, there’s no shame in that game. For your main course, order the fight enthusiasts Beer Battered Fish & Chips that’ll stick to the ribs better than a right-hand jab. Add a roundhouse kick and pick me up with a Vodka & Red Bull that will keep you on your toes while you watch these fighters get punched in the nose. You’ll be able to stay alert and keep your face out of the dirt all night with these championed picks. 

While everybody fighter can’t win on fight night, you certainly can if you watch UFC 277 at The Still.