The Man Cave At The Still Makes For The Perfect Game Day Experience

The Man Cave At The Still Makes For The Perfect Game Day Experience

The Still Las Vegas Takes Man Caves To The Next Level, Creating the Perfect Game Day Experience

The Still Las Vegas has been billed as the ultimate man cave and a dude’s dream come true. It’s a hybrid Never Never Land where adults get to act like they haven’t had to grow up while still doing grownup things: an 8,000-square oasis with over 50 craft beers and specialty cocktails, food like nachos and wings served out of an authentic silver airstream, high-def TVs everywhere showing all the sports, and even games like foosball scattered about to play whenever your heart desires. It sounds too good to be true, but unlike the fabulous resort it’s in, The Still is no mirage. What’s even more mind-blowing is the Inception-like dream within a dream: a man cave within the ultimate Man Cave. The perfect game day experience lies in no place other than here. 

Unbelievably Believable 

The best way to describe the overall vibe of the private dining area deemed the Man Cave at The Still would be “badass boardroom meets swank cigar lounge.” Hidden in plain sight off the main bar area, it’s discreetly enclosed with opaque glass walls featuring fancy ladies that let in the light and keep the mood right. There is a wall of 4 TVs and leatherback chairs at a solid wood table seating up to 14 people where you can feast on fantastic food and set your drinks. There are also clouds and a cigar armchair for kicking back or doing fantasy trades on the DL. The Still offers Group Dining Options with several packages and prices tailored to your needs. The best part is the Beverage Options that are like a design-your-own open bar. It’s okay to slap yourself right now to make sure you’re actually awake.  

You The Real MVP 

There are plenty of occasions that make the man cave a perfect place to congregate. It’s ideal for Draft Parties, which are way more fun to hold in person but can tend to get a little rowdy. It’s also easier to hear the smack talk if out of the hubbub of the main pub, and probably better to be in a private room if your bro banter tends to be a bit brash. If you’re in Vegas for your bachelor party, don’t be the groom of doom and make your crew miss a must-see game. Instead, book this room with the VIP vibe and keep the party alive while everyone gets their food and sports fix. And the best occasion to reserve the main case is when you don’t need one! Just treat yo’self to Guys Night Out or a sports day away from the wife and kids. It’s not a “No Girls Allowed Club”, however, or it’d be really hard for the servers to bring you that VIP service with a smile. 

Don’t wait to reserve the man cave that everyone’s dreaming and drooling over–contact The Still ASAP to ensure your perfect game day experience.