The Best Sports Bar in Vegas Is Showing the MLB World Series

The Best Sports Bar in Vegas Is Showing the MLB World Series

The Still Is the Best Sports Bar in Vegas To Watch The World Series

The World Series has begun, and oh my, it did so with a bang! Don’t miss any of the action in this high-stakes, high-drama match-up between the feisty Philadelphia Phillies and the Houston (We’re Still A Little Mad At But Dang They’re Good) Astros. Catch up on what you missed in the first two games while you check out the specials at The Still, the best sports bar in Vegas. 

Game One 

Oh. My. BASEBALL. Game One of the World Series is what the hype of baseball is all about! The Phillies pulled off a come-from-behind 10th-inning win that is indicative of the past month of their season. These guys don’t quit. The Astros took a lead early and kept the Phillies from any hits, which is typical when future hall-of-famer Justin Verlander is on the mound. The Phillies were down 5-0 in the third, but by the 4th, they stuck with it and managed to get 3 runs with 2 outs off Verlander, and additional runs in the 5th and sixth to tie up the game. Somehow Phillies outfielder Castellanos–ranked one of the worst outfielders in the league–made a diving catch in the ninth to save the game and send it into extra innings. Luis Garcia went in for the save for the Astros, but instead, lead-off batter J.T. Realmuto swung big for the win. It was, for lack of a better term, crazy pants. 

Game Two 

Game Two of the series started similarly to the first, with the Astros taking the lead early. It ended differently, however, as the Phillies were unable to battle back and ended up losing 5-2, and evening up the series 1-1. Zach Wheeler looked more like Hack Wheeler as the Astros were able to hit 3 doubles in a row off of him in the first inning. Framber Valdez was able to amble confidently to the mound, allowing only one run and four hits throughout his 6 ½ innings on the mound. Alex Bregman–who is really, really hard to hate even if you despise the Astros–put another nail in the coffin in the 5th inning with a 2-run homer. The Phillies tried to scrap back and put up two on the scoreboard, but like Kyle Schwarber’s home run attempts, ultimately fell short. 

Upcoming Games

With this series tied at 1-1, there are at least 3 more games and thus 3 more fun-packed nights at The Still. This Monday, you can watch both MNF and Game 3 of the Series since The Still has 27 TVs perfectly placed so you don’t have to miss any of the action. The Still also offers $5 Domestic and $7 Import Draft Pitchers on Thursdays and Mondays during football season, so there’s a free score without even having to step up to bat. If you thought Taco Tuesday couldn’t get any better, you get to add in watching a World Series game while you scarf down in taco town. The Still has all-you-can-eat tacos and tequila for $32, so make sure you at least do a 7th-inning stretch for realsies. Game 5 will be on Wednesday, which is the perfect occasion for some wings and sampling one of The Still’s 9 signature cocktails.