Catch All the Thanksgiving Weekend Football Action at the Still in Las Vegas

Catch All the Thanksgiving Weekend Football Action at the Still in Las Vegas

Las Vegas NFL Action on Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving, and the weekend that follows, is a time of feasts and celebration. All across the nation, families and friends are gathering to overindulge in spreads of glorious eats, share a few laughs (and maybe a few drinks), and officially welcome in the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a special time of year, but if you’re a sports fan, Thanksgiving weekend takes on an entirely different meaning altogether.

For the sports fan, Thanksgiving is synonymous with football. This year, the Thanksgiving weekend NFL lineup is packed with action you don’t want to miss. Of course, you’re going to need a spot to catch all the NFL Thanksgiving action – and let’s be honest, you’d much rather watch the game surrounded in an atmosphere that lives and breathes football, than you would trying to catch a few glimpses of the game from the family living room.

When it’s pure NFL you’re after on Thanksgiving weekend, the Still is the only Las Vegas sports bar to catch every game, and completely immerse yourself in the spirit of every football fan’s most beloved weekend.

The Still for All the NFL Action on Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the biggest weekends for the NFL. Before the leftover turkey has even had time to cool, you’re going to want to be seated in front of a large screen – maybe even several of them – to catch all the game day action. When it comes to the hottest spots for watching football in Vegas, none scores higher than the Still.

The earliest Thanksgiving Day game on the books is the showdown between the Bears and the Lions, bright and early at 9:30am PST. Then comes the Bills and the Cowboys at 1:30 PST – just in time to grab your spot in front of the television as you prepare for the Thanksgiving feast. Then, once the table is cleared and everyone is sitting around stuffed, you can head to the Still to catch the Saints Vs. the Falcons at 5:20 PST.

Once Thanksgiving 2019 is in the books, football fans everywhere wait with eager anticipation for Red Zone Sundays at the Still. Red Zone Sundays are a special day at the Still, with our doors opening at 9am, so that you don’t miss a single game on one of our 27 screens. The NFL’s line up for the Sunday after Thanksgiving is non-stop from the very second we open our doors.

The morning’s match-offs include:

  • The Jets Vs. the Bengals
  • The Titans Vs. the Colts
  • The Raiders Vs. the Chiefs
  • The Eagles Vs. the Dolphins
  • The Packers Vs. the Giants
  • The Redskins Vs. the Panthers
  • The Buccaneers Vs. the Jaguars
  • The 49s Vs. the Ravens

The fun at the Still for Red Zone Sunday doesn’t end once the morning matches are played. The game day spirit will continue all day long as you catch the Rams Vs. the Cardinals, the Chargers Vs. the Broncos, the Browns Vs. the Steelers, and the lineup ending with the Patriots Vs. the Texans.

Why The Still Is the Only Place for Football in Las Vegas

We know what you’re thinking – there are countless sports bars in Las Vegas, with each one offering some gimmicky tactic to get you through the door. We’re not here to bring our fellow sports fans down, but we also know you’re looking for something a little different than the standard sports bar scene, especially on Thanksgiving weekend.

Let’s be honest here. You love football, but sometimes the same old sports bar scene can get a little – stale. After all, when you’re in Vegas, it’s time to take your game day celebrations up a couple notches. You expect a sports bar scene that’s entirely different than what you’d get anywhere else.

Enter the Still.

For starters, the Still is located in the very heart of the Vegas’s iconic Mirage. With 27 televisions and more than 8,000 square feet infused with pure sports lover’s energy, the Still is the ultimate sports bar for the real sports enthusiast. At the Still, you never have to elbow someone out of the way to catch the game making play, and our attentive staff is there to take care of you during your entire stay.

The Still features a menu of all your game day favorites, only taken up a couple notches on the score board. Plus, with more than 50 craft beers on the menu and one of the recognizable bars in all of Vegas (which happens to be a refurbished classic Airstream), the Still is the sports bar in Vegas you’re going to want to linger around in long after the game is over.

Makes Plans for Thanksgiving Weekend Football Today

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, what are your plans for one of the NFL’s biggest days? With the Still being one of the hottest sports bars in Vegas, you want to grab your spot at the bar or a table before someone else does. Don’t take the risk of catching a table on walk in basis, make your Thanksgiving reservations by RSVPing at the Still today.