Test Your Eating Prowess With Bud Bud’s Hot Wing Challenge

Test Your Eating Prowess With Bud Bud’s Hot Wing Challenge

If you love hot wings as much as we do here at The Still, then we have a brand new challenge that is just for you—Bud Bud’s Hot Wing Challenge. Yes, we have thrown down the eating gauntlet and invite you to come into The Still, your favorite Las Vegas Bar and show us first hand just how many wings you can eat with this new eating challenge that is not for the faint of heart. If you think you can hold your own when it comes to eating hot wings, you now have a chance to get the notoriety you have been looking for, and a pretty amazing prize from The Still while you’re at it. Here’s how the rules works:

Rule 1: The contest is one hour long. You will have 60 minutes to eat 75 Buffalo wings. That is your challenge should you choose to accept it.

Rule 2: You have to be timed by an employee. We want to keep this contest fair for all participants, so someone from The Still will have a clock running to make sure you finish your wings in time.

Rule 3: All meat MUST be removed from the bone, using only your mouth. Make sure you finish strong and get every piece off!

Rule 4: You can consume only ONE glass of water during the contest, so use it wisely. We aren’t messing around when we say our wings are hot. Don’t worry, drinking beer during the contest is highly encouraged, so we won’t keep you from throwing back a few cold ones.

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Rule 5: You can’t use any napkins. Sorry to the super neat freaks out there, but napkins are not allowed during this contest. Have fun and get messy!

Rule 6: No throwing up. If you throw up, you are disqualified, plain and simple.

Rule 7: You must agree to take a picture for the Bud Bud’s Wall of Fame. If you complete the challenge in time, you picture will go up on the wall, so even if you don’t want the notoriety, you still need to take a picture to prove your prowess.

Rule 8: You must post a picture of the bucket of wings with your waitress tagging @thestillvegas on either Facebook or Instagram if applicable. Why would you not want this type of recognition for your accomplishment.

If you can follow all of the rules and successfully finish all 75 wings within the allotted hour, your wings are on us! Yep, you get all 75 of your wings for free. That’s not all either. You will also receive at Still gift package and get your picture up on Bud Bud’s Wall of Fame—talk about a victory!