The Still’s Vegas Golden Knights Promotion!

The Still’s Vegas Golden Knights Promotion!

There are many reasons why sports fans flock to The Still on game day. For many, the space is a big draw: boasting an 8,000 square foot space and 27 big screen TVs, we don’t call it “the ultimate man cave” for nothing. Of course, we back up this killer space with equally amazing game day fare, including over 50 craft beers and a crave-worthy menu of creative takes on classic American fare that will have you coming back for more.

Of course, an equally huge part of our game day success is the fact that we’re just as enthusiastic about sports as you are. Our passion shows through with our amazing game day specials, including our latest and most exciting promotion inspired by our hometown hockey team, the Vegas Golden Knights! Read on to discover everything you need to know about this awesome promotion and the team that inspired it!

The promotion: At The Still, we’re celebrating our hometown hockey team with a fantastic game day promotion every day the Vegas Golden Knights play. Here’s the deal:

  • If you show off your Knights gear to your server on an away game day for the Vegas Golden Knights, you’ll get a complimentary draft beer!
  • With every goal the Knights score, you’ll enjoy complimentary shots!

This special is offered on away game days for our hometown team; you can stay updated by viewing our Events page, or you can view the team’s schedule on their website.

The Vegas Golden Knights: a long time coming.

The Vegas Golden Knights is a new sports team: 2017-18 is their inaugural season. However, in spite of the fact that they’re new on the roster, this team has actually spent years in the making.

The NHL has actually had Las Vegas ties for years; in 1991, Vegas was the home to a promotional faceoff between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers. Since 2009, the NHL Awards have been held in Las Vegas, which began spurring talk about when Sin City might get its own team.

Though rumors about teams from other cities potentially moving to Vegas have surfaced through the years, nothing ever came of the speculation.

But then, in December 2014, the wheels began to turn. The NHL gave permission for a season ticket drive to determine interest in a Vegas team. The response was incredible, and the league officially decided to allow potential owners to bid on expansion teams.

In 2016, the Las Vegas expansion bid was approved, and so began the work to assemble a team for the 2017-18 season. That team? You guessed it, the Vegas Golden Knights! A flurry of signing and recruiting occurred, and the team played their first game in October of 2017.

Las Vegas Sports bar

A few things you may not know about the Vegas Golden Knights. Think you know everything about Vegas’s pride and joy? Chances are, we can teach you something new. Consider sharing one of these fun facts with friends during commercial breaks in the game!

1. There’s a reason for that name. Every part of the name “Vegas Golden Knights” has a story. The use of “Knights” is an homage to the Black Knights, of the US Military Academy, which is the team founder’s alma mater.

“Golden” is included as a nod to the natural bounty of the team’s home state: Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in the USA. Of course, it doubles as a premium product, and the team is definitely top tier!

As for the use of Vegas versus Las Vegas? Most who are in the know lovingly refer to the city as “Vegas”; plus, a three-word name is a lot less of a mouthful than a four-letter name!

2. They’ve broken records. The Vegas Golden Knights are the first team in NHL history to have commenced their first-ever season by winning eight of their first nine games.

3. Their logo includes a hidden Vegas reference. The team’s secondary logo features two swords crossing one another, which is designed to echo the star found on the internationally famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

4. Their mascot isn’t a knight. The team’s mascot is a Gila monster named Chance. Why not a knight? The team found that knight mascots were not family-friendly.

Game day at The Still: an affair to remember. Our latest promotion is a great reason to come to The Still. But really, it should be your destination for every game day! Depending on the day, we feature all sorts of games on various TVs in the space, so you’re guaranteed to catch your favorite sports and support your chosen teams.

Whether your team wins or loses, you’ll enjoy the game as you feast upon our delicious menu offerings, which are all created to order out of our unique Airstream trailer kitchen. Whether you’re in the mood for house-made chili or mini cheeseburgers or lighter fare like our chicken caesar salad or addictively delicious tuna poke bowl, you’ll undoubtedly find something right up your alley on the menu. Wash it down with a beverage from our extensive drink menu, which includes over 50 craft beers, a creative cocktail list, and spirits and wine. We hope to see you soon at The Still!

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