The Still—Your Number One Place to Watch All of the Playoff Action Live

The Still—Your Number One Place to Watch All of the Playoff Action Live

NBA and NHL Playoff Viewing

Now that spring is upon us, it is one of our favorite times of the year. This is because for spots fans like us, spring is all about NHL and NBA playoffs. Yes, the post-season action is about to get underway and here at The Still, we want to make sure that all of our sports fans have a great place to watch all of the action unfold live.

Here at The Still, located right in the heart of the Mirage Hotel, we are the perfect place for sports fans like you to watch all of the games. A true sports junk haven, we have 8,000 square feet of space, 27 TVs and one of the most exciting environments for watching your favorite team live. Of course as a true sports bar, we not only have great grub, but more than 50 craft beers on tap.

NBA playoffs

So, as the NHL and NBA seasons start to enter the post-season, we are going to be offering some of our best specials of the year, just for sports fans like you in mind. We will have $30 buckets of Bud, Bud Lights and Michelob Ultra.

Of course, here at The Still, catching all of the NHL games, means catching our local professional hockey team in the action. As the playoffs gear up, we are going to be showing all of the NHL teams take the ice, but are going to be offering specials designed just with local fans in mind.

NHL Playoffs

This means, every time the Golden Knights score, we are going to be serving up a free shot of Jim Beam. Talk about a way to celebrate! We are also offering 20% off of for every fan that comes in wearing Golden Knights gear. All you need to do is sport your favorite jersey, hat or tee and we will take 20% off your tab—it’s really that easy.

Las Vegas Sports Bar

Remember, as all of your favorite sports teams start getting into the playoffs, there is only one place to go to watch all of the action: The Still. No matter who your favorite team is, we are going to have all of the games playing live, more draft beers than you can imagine and plenty of delicious grub to go with it. We are the place to go for all of the playoff action. Join other fans at the best sports bar in Las Vegas to take it all in yourself as the playoffs start to heat up!