The Still: 6 Must-Try Beers

The Still: 6 Must-Try Beers

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At The Still, we lovingly refer to our establishment as the “ultimate man cave”. Featuring 27 big screens in an 8,000-square foot space, it’s the perfect space to take in the big game and enjoy elevated game-day fare from our talented chefs, who churn out crave-worthy dishes from an unlikely kitchen located in a refurbished Airstream trailer.

What could possibly make this combination of environment plus cuisine even better? Beer, of course! We’ve got an almost dizzying array of beer options available, with over 50 different types either on draft or available by the bottle, can, or bucket.

Curious about sampling a new type of beer, but not sure where to start? Consider sampling one (or a few!) of these six must-try beers from our menu.

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1. Bluffing Isn’t Weisse by Bad Beat Brewing: In case you’re not familiar with Bad Beat Brewing, let us introduce you. This is one of Las Vegas’s newest and most buzz-generating craft breweries, and have garnered praise for their creative offerings like The Whale.

Bluffing Isn’t Weisse is Bad Beat’s addictive hefeweizen offering. If you aren’t acquainted with this type of beer, it’s a German style of wheat beer made with yeast which produces a unique bouquet of fruit and spice flavors. Bad Beat’s version is just a little different, with undertones of banana, clove, bubblegum and vanilla aromas. As they say on their website, “We love the rich and fresh doughy malt character with the ever so subtle earthy and floral hop flavors.”

Suggested food pairing: The sweet and savory flavors in our Crispy Lobster Soft Tacos are a perfect pairing with the fruit undertones in this beer.

2. Citra Rye by Joseph James Brewing: If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path but that still feels familiar, Citra Rye might be just the ticket. Created by Nevada-based brewer Joseph James, Citra Rye is bright and light but not too unusual for traditionalists.

This award-winning ale starts with Vienna and Rye malts, which are then augmented with Centennial and Citra hops. This combination yields a beer with an interesting flavor, including aromas of lychee, gooseberry, and passionfruit. But these flavors are more of a nudge than a shove: it’s an overall incredibly balanced, crisp, easy-drinking beer that practically begs you to enjoy a second round.

Suggested food pairing: The fruit undertones in this beer make it a perfect pairing for our Chicken Street Style Tacos, which feature a sweet-savory pineapple slaw.

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3. Four Star Pils by Goose Island: Pilsner is a classic beer which comes from Germany but is now beloved all around the world. Some of the hallmarks of a classic pilsner are a golden or straw-color, a thick, rich, dense head of foam, and marked hoppiness. However, this hoppiness typically lacks the bite of some hop-forward beers like an American IPA, which gives it a smooth drinking quality.

Chicago-based brewery Goose Island has taken the traditional Pilsner beer style and made it a little uncommon with a unique blend of German and American hops. The result is an incredibly drinkable and refreshing beer that you’ll love round after round.

Suggested food pairing: Our Mini Cheeseburgers, served with crinkle cut fries, make a classic and timeless pairing with this pilsner.

4. 90 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head: Lauded by Esquire magazine as “perhaps the best IPA in America,” this unique beer is held in high regard by many a beer enthusiast. Delaware-based brewery Dogfish Head is known for their creative innovation in brewing, and the 90 Minute IPA is undoubtedly one of their biggest successes.

So what makes it so unique? According to Dogfish Head, it’s all about the hops: “Continual hopping provided a beautiful balance to our Imperial IPA – allowing us to add a foolhardy amount of hops throughout the boil without making 90 Minute crushingly bitter.” If you love a good IPA, this is beer should go to the top of your must-try list!

Suggested food pairing: Our BBQ Chicken Quesadilla, with its sweet-savory sauce, has what it takes to hold up to the bold flavor of this beer.

5. Omission IPA by Widmer Brothers Brewing: Do you crave the astringent, refreshingly hoppy flavor of an IPA, but can’t tolerate (or choose not to consume) gluten? Oregon-based Widmer Brothers Brewing Company has the perfect solution with their gluten-free Omission IPA.

Featuring a bold, Northwest-style IPA flavor profile, the Omission IPA is characterized by pine, citrus, and grapefruit aromas. It has the slight bitterness that you expect in an IPA, but malt sweetness helps keep it balanced. It’s an IPA that is perfect for hte gluten-free set, but enjoyable for even the staunches of wheat lovers, too.

Suggested food pairing: Ask your server about our gluten-free dining options to pair with this gluten-free beer!

6. Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout by New Holland Brewing: This beer is not for the faint of heart. Boasting an 11% ABV, this imperial stout is meant for slowly savoring.

Michigan-based New Holland Brewing is known for their creativity and uniquely flavored beer offerings, and Dragon’s Milk is no exception. This beer is what’s referred to as an American Double Stout, which is the stateside adaptation of a Russian Imperial Stout. They’re aged in barrels (often, those used for bourbon or whiskey), which imparts a unique oak and vanilla flavor on the finished product. Very full bodied, they have a higher complexity than your average stout beer. Dragon’s Milk is characterized by roasty malt flavor intermingled with a deep vanilla undertone. This is a beer that is intoxicating in more ways than one!

Suggested food pairing: Red meat pairs wonderfully with this rich beer, so go ahead and try it with our Prime Tip Steak Skewers…or go sweet and enjoy it with one of our addictive desserts!

Now that you have your official beer to-do list, it’s time to get to work. Come join us at The Still to sample some of these incredible beers alongside our killer cuisine. You may never watch the game anywhere else!

Have you tried any of these beers?