March Events Las Vegas Line Up at The Still

March Events Las Vegas Line Up at The Still

March Events Las Las Vegas

Here at The Still, we are always hosting epic march events Las Vegas Line ups, to make sure that our guests are never bored and never have the same experience twice when they come to The Still. We are located in Sin City after all.

Next month, in March, we are taking our events to the next level with an exciting new lineup that will have you feeling like March is yourfavoritemonth of the year. We are going to be hosting events all month long—and here is what you can expect from our March lineup here at The Still.

Saturday March 2nd– UFC 235

Here at The Still, we know that a lot of our customers love UFC and are looking for a place where they can enjoy all of this pay-per-view action with other friends and fans. This is why we are hosting a UFC viewing event on Saturday, March 2ndfor UFC 235. At this event Jon Bones Jones, will be taking the ring to defend his title against Anthony Smith. This event will take place at 10:00 PM—so make sure you hit the casino floor, make your bets, and get down to The Still to enjoy all of the action live.

Wednesday March 20th– International Opening Day

 Before the official Opening Day action unfolds live later in the month, there is actually international Opening Day. This is where a few MLB teams will actually be playing overseas to kick off the season. This is the first chance that you will get to see how your favorite teams are going to look for the 2019 season!

Thursday March 21st– Brackets and Beers

If there is one thing that most sports fans know about the month of March, it is that March is all about March Madness. The official March Madness tournament kicks off on Thursday, March 21st, which is why all day on March 21st, we are going to be hosting our Brackets and Beers events. We will have specials going on all day, and have all of the games playing live on our flat screen TVs, so you and dozens of other basketball fans can come see all of the action unfold live and see whether your bracket is a win or a bust as the games start unfolding.

Thursday March 28th– Official Opening Day

The official Opening Day for baseball is March 28th. Here at The Still, this event means the kick off of Beer, Bite and Baseball at The Still. This special runs throughout baseball season until October and features some outstanding snack and beer specials that are only available during baseball games. Since it’s opening day, you better believe the beer will be flowing and that we will have a packed house filled with baseball fans here at The Still.

Las Vegas Knights Special

 As most Las Vegas residents know, March means that the NHFL season is still in full-swing. Come support our local Vegas Golden Knights here at The Still all month long. We are hosting great specials all during Golden Knights games. In fact, if you wear your Golden Knights’ gear, you will get a free Bud draft just for coming down to The Still. Anything the Knights score, you will receive a complimentary shot as well.

American Football Alliance Games

Bummed that the NFL season is over? Don’t worry, we have you covered here at The Still. This is because we are going to be playing all of the American Football Alliance games every Saturday and Sunday between 1 PM and 5 PM, right here at The Still. We are the best place in the city to watch these games unfold live and to relive the fun of football season.

Make sure to mark these big events on your calendar, so you can make certain you are coming down there to The Still to take part of all of the action yourself. We know you already love The Still and all of the fun that Las Vegas’ best sports bar can offer—but these events are taking things to the next level. We can’t wait to see you here at The Still for all of the fun that we have in store for March.