It’s Raining Buckets of Beer at the Still – The Premiere Las Vegas Sports Bar

It’s Raining Buckets of Beer at the Still – The Premiere Las Vegas Sports Bar

Why Beer and Friends are Better By the Bucket at the Still

As a sport’s junkie, you know there’s nothing better than hanging out at your favorite Vegas sports bar and tipping a few back – especially if your team is the star of the show on one of the screens. The only thing that makes an experience like this even more enjoyable is sharing it with a few great friends. At the Still, camaraderie and sportsmanship are the names of the game, and there’s no better way to celebrate either than with a few brews. 

The Still has taken the typical Las Vegas sports bar scene and elevated it more than just a few notches. It’s here that you’ll find a selection of more than 50 craft beers, each of them teasingly calling your name. A bottle of craft beer is great, but a bucket of them is even better – especially if you’ve got a thirsty crew at your table. 

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Buckets of Beer at the Las Vegas’ top Sports Bar

Here’s a question to ask yourself. What are the chances that you’re really going to order just one beer off the menu at the hottest sports bar on the Strip. Our money says that the first will go down way too easy, and you’ll need another just to savor the experience. If you’re sitting a table with friends, bottles and cans of your favorite brew can disappear before you know it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your own personal stash of your favorite bottles and cans right at your table?

At the Still, you can. Any of the bottles or cans of beers on our menu can be ordered by the bucket. Yes, that’s right – by the bucket. Instead of one bottle, you get 5 – and they stay icy cold until you’re ready to pop them open. The buckets of beer at the Still are the perfect accompaniment to the new twist on upscale bar food that’s coming out of the kitchen. When you’re ready to spend the night hanging at the premier sports bar in Vegas, a bucket of brews at the Still is the only way to go. 

Friends are Better with Buckets

Sometimes when you go to the bar with a bunch of friends, everyone is in a different mood and the drink orders are all over the board. Other times, you find yourself in a place with such an awesome selection of brews that it’s easy to find one that appeases everyone at the table. It’s times like these that a bucket (or two) of beer is the perfect addition to the table. 

At the Still, our beer selection was carefully chosen to feature the only the best. From our drink menu, you can order up a bucket of your favorite light and easy beer, like maybe a Spaten Premium Lager or Kona Longboard. Is your group in the mood for something a little crisp and hoppy? How about a bucket of Joseph James Citra Rye, or an Alpine Beer Company Duet IPA? 

Come on, you know you’ve got a thirst brewing. 

The beer menu at the still goes even further to include a selection of bold, flavorful brews and a few that are nutty and nicely balanced. We’ve made sure to include a few selections for the designated driver in your group, and for those who love a nice, smooth gluten free brew. Whatever you and your friends are craving, the Still is sure to offer up a bucket that will satisfy your thirst. 

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Beer and Bar Food – Perfect Companions at a Vegas Sports Bar

Of course, you’re going to need a little grub to help soak up those buckets of beer that have been landing at your table. In the world of Vegas sports bars, you’re not going to find another that does bar food quite like the Still. Trust that this isn’t just the same old take on wings and burgers. Everything we offer is in a class of it’s own, and we guarantee that you’re mouth is going to be watering as soon as the plates of out of this world nibbles land on your table. 

Yes, we do offer chicken wings, nachos and burgers but they aren’t like what you’re going to find at the sports bar down the street. Our crispy wings are drenched in sauces spicy Korean and Arizona ranch. If you order up a platter of nachos, expect them to be dressed in the freshest ingredients, like pico de Gallo and fresh Oaxaca cheese. Order something to share or hog a plate all to yourself – and don’t forget to tag on a fried dessert to complete your indulgent sports bar experience. 

It’s Pouring Buckets at the Still

There’s no shortage of buckets and the Still, and we have a table that waiting just for you. There’s no better place on the strip to experience a side of the sports bar scene you’ve never seen before. Are you ready for to learn what a sports bar is really supposed to be? Make your reservations by RSVPing and reserving a spot at the Still today.