It Was A Great Super Bowl At The Still

It Was A Great Super Bowl At The Still

Super Bowl LVII Was One For The Books

While the Super Bowl is mostly about football, it is also a trifecta of entertainment that incorporates football, music, and short bursts of marketing magic with the halftime show and Super Bowl ads. Some years turn out to be more exciting than others, and this year’s game luckily fell in the high-entertainment value category. Overall, it was a great Super Bowl at The Still! 

Game Recap

This was one of the most intense games in recent Super Bowl history. The Eagles came out strong, scoring the first touchdown within the first few minutes. The Chiefs then answered almost immediately, so the back and forth for the majority of the game began almost at once, making it a fun and suspenseful watch. In the 2nd quarter, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffered a sickening-to-see ankle injury. With a little help from his team doctors and some cortisone over the extended halftime, he was able to jump back in and finish out in Kerri Strugg ‘96 Olympic fashion.  In the final minutes, the Eagles and Chiefs were tied 35-35, until a questionable holding call on James Bradberry. Despite admitting he was pulling on JuJu’s  jersey a little bit, it was an inconsistent call based on the rest of the refereeing of the game. It led to a sort of anti-climatic/tainted (depending on your team) ending with the Chiefs winning 38-35. 

The Halftime Show 

The Rihanna Halftime Show definitely generated a lot of excitement and subsequent talk. The first few minutes were somewhat awkward for people who couldn’t decide whether she was pregnant, still carrying a little weight from her previous pregnancy, or if her costume was just super puffy like her backup dancers. Even Rhianna rubbing her stomach wasn’t enough of a clue for some people, but the medley of banger after banger–she sang 12 of her hits in 13 minutes–was enough to distract and did not disappoint. Whether people liked it or not seems irrelevant at this point as it was the most-watched halftime show of all time. 

Top Super Bowl Commercials 

This year’s Super Bowl commercials were a good blend of comedy and heartfelt emotion. One of the most notable things about the top five rated commercials is that none of them was a beer commercial, which is highly unusual. If you want to take another look or didn’t catch them the first time around, here are the Top Five Rated Super Bowl commercials of 2023: 

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts: Drive-Thru Featuring Ben Affleck
  2. The Farmer’s Dog: Forever
  3. Amazon: Saving Sawyer
  4. PopCorners: Breaking Good
  5. General Motors & Netflix: Why Not an EV?