Indulge Dad with a Special Cocktail on Father’s Day at the Still

Indulge Dad with a Special Cocktail on Father’s Day at the Still

Bring Dad to the Still and Celebrate Father’s Day with Our Featured Summer Cocktail

Have you ever wondered why there’s only a single day dedicated each year to celebrating the guy in your life that works so hard to take care of everyone in his? The concept behind Father’s Day is great and all, but really, why shouldn’t the celebration of great Dads be extended a little longer?

When you’re thinking about what to do for the most important man in your life this year, there’s no reason to limit the festivities to just one day. The Still in Las Vegas is the place to celebrate Father’s Day on the Strip, and we’ve even created a Father’s Day cocktail that we’re featuring all summer long to honor your main guy.

Banana Berry Lemonade – A Summer Father’s Day Cocktail at the Still

If there was a drink that symbolized everything that the man in your life means to you, what would it be? Maybe something with a little bit of a “pop” from a sparkling soda, but with a rich depth that can only come from Ambros Banana Whiskey? These are the makings of our Banana Berry Lemonade, the new Father’s Day Summer Cocktail at the Still.

Nothing is going to make Dad smile like coming to the Still on Father’s Day and being greeted by Ambros Banana Whiskey and strawberry puree that’s been blended in a cocktail shaker by one of our expert mixologists. It’s then strained into a Collins glass where it slips lusciously over the fresh ice. From there, it’s topped with a refreshing lemon sparkling soda, with a sprig of fresh mint that completes the look.

We know that a few of you out there have a tradition of taking Dad out for a Father’s Day whiskey on his big day of honor. We’re not one to step in the way of that tradition, but we’d also be remiss in our duties as your Father’s Day destination if we didn’t take one of his favorite spirits and craft a cocktail worthy of honoring Dads while welcoming the summer season ahead. We’re in love with our Banana Berry Lemonade, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to become one of Dad’s summertime favorites too.

What is Ambros Banana Whiskey?

Haven’t heard of Ambros Banana Whiskey before? Well, then brace yourself for a whiskey experience like no other. Ambros is a premium high-quality whiskey that is infused with real bananas – nothing artificial, no “natural” flavors, and no fruit concentrates. Just a beautiful whiskey that’s been infused by 100% of nature’s best stuff. The banana flavor that comes through in this whiskey is the result of thousands of bananas being used to infuse each batch. It doesn’t get more bananas than this.

So, the Still has this great new cocktail that they’re featuring starting on Father’s Day and carrying through the summer, but is this the only reason to make this your Father’s Day Destination? Trust us, the Still has so much more to offer.

The Still in Las Vegas — The Perfect Spot for Father’s Day on the Strip

The Still is a Las Vegas sports bar that’s located smack dab in the heart of the Mirage. Unlike other places to celebrate Father’s Day on the Strip, the Still has been described as the “ultimate man cave.” This is where Dad can come and sink into all of his favorite indulgences.

An unbelievable drink menu? Check. 27 televisions to catch every sporting even imaginable? Check. Craft beer? Check. Great food? Triple check!

The menu at the Still is best described as upscale bar food. From the crispy chicken wings, which are a fan favorite, to a selection of street tacos, the Still has absolutely everything that Dad could ever want on his personal day of indulgence. Does he want to spend some time with his family? Sure, but chances are he would love to do it while sitting back and enjoying the man cave vibe of the Still. Trust us when we say there’s no better place to take Dad for a Father’s Day cocktail on the Strip in Las Vegas.

What Are Your Plans for Father’s Day?

If you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to make plans for Sunday! But if you can’t hook up with the guy of honor on his big day, don’t worry – the Still is featuring the Banana Berry Lemonade all summer long. Whether you make it in for that traditional Father’s Day whiskey, or any other day this summer, the Still is ready to take your sports bar experience to an entirely new level. RSVP and make your reservations at the Still in Las Vegas today for a Father’s Day cocktail and celebration that he’ll never forget.