If the Fighters of UFC 226 Were Our Menu Items, Here’s What They Would Be

If the Fighters of UFC 226 Were Our Menu Items, Here’s What They Would Be

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All eyes were on the fighters of the UFC 226 this past Saturday as they entered the ring to make history. The event was one of the most heavily-promoted fights in MMA, with the fight between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic serving as the main attraction.

Cormier defeated Miocic during the first round with an impressive knockout, becoming the second-ever dual-division champion to fight in the main event of the night.

The action-packed night featured 22 talented fighters, each with their own personalities and techniques. Which got us wondering…if the fighters of UFC 226 were menu items here at The Still, which would they be? Here’s our take on it – do you agree?

Daniel Cormier

Cormier trains hard and values spending time with his family. He’s shown us that he’s strong on the outside, and he’d have to be – he competes in what he calls “the toughest sport in the world.”

When it comes to our food menu, we think Cormier would be our Prime Steak Tip Skewers. The top-quality filets are marinated in our house steak sauce. They’re unique like Cormier is, and they’re completely unforgettable. Just like Cormier’s victory on Saturday, you’ll want to savor our Prime Steak Tip Skewers. After all, they’re oh so deserved.

As for a beverage? Cormier’s definitely a bottle of Shock Top Belgian White. He’s special, and the tones of orange, lemon, and lime peels come as a bit of a surprise. This beer is sure to get your attention, though, and its spiced taste is satisfying at the end of the night.

Stipe Miocic

Miocic got into fighting because he was helping someone else train. He worked as a bartender, and is now a firefighter and a paramedic.

Miocic would be our Signature Buffalo Crispy Style Chicken Wings. He’s got some serious kick, and has fans nationwide. Miocic is homegrown, coming from Euclid, Ohio, and he’s a true representation of the American desire to always get better through hard work and dedication.

Having been a bartender, Miocic understands how flavors interact with each other, so we think he’d be our Raging Bull cocktail. A blend of Grey Goose Vodka, tropical citrus juice blend, and Red Bull Orange Edition complement each other beautifully, representing the dedication that Miocic demonstrates to his craft. Miocic got into fighting in an unusual way, and continues to work to prove himself and add to his titles.

Derrick Lewis

Lewis also emerged victorious in his fight against Francis Ngannou. Lewis says that he spends every day training his mind and body, and notes that his grandfather is his hero. 

Since Lewis is from Louisiana, we think he’d be our Chicken Street Tacos. With Al Pastor Chicken, pineapple slaw, and Arbol salsa, these tacos have big, bold flavor that’s distinctive, just like Lewis.

When it comes to beverages, Lewis would have to be our Hot and Dirty cocktail. The blend of Belvedere Intense Unfiltered Vodka, Gvort Olive Juice, and Scrappy’s Firewater Habanero Tincture offers plenty of kick and a bit of attitude, just like Lewis. It’s certainly a winning combination that you’re sure to cheer for, full of boldness and bravery like a particular fighter we know.

Francis Ngannou

Ngannou started fighting in 2013, and got into the sport because he was “curious.” He comes from Batie Cameroon, and fights out of Las Vegas.

Ngannou is best represented by our BBQ Chicken Quesadilla. This quesadilla features grilled chicken, Oaxaca and Monetery Cheese, and sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. It’s a great blend of eclectic flavors designed to give you a bit of a kick, and will definitely hold your attention during the entire meal.

Since Ngannou hails from Batie Cameroon, we have to say that he would be our Kronenbourg 1663 Blanc. This bwheat beer, produced in Obernai, France, is the perfect pairing for this distinctive fighter.

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