What Makes a Great Las Vegas Sports Bar?

What Makes a Great Las Vegas Sports Bar?

(Source: The Still Facebook page)

Las Vegas Sports Bar

What makes a great Las Vegas sports bar? In a town which is far from understated or low key, even the sports bars offer a few bells and whistles.

The Still is not your average sports bar. Basically, we’ve taken the concept of the “man cave” and made the biggest and most amazing version of it possible. The ultimate effect is a unique combination of comfortable accessibility while also feeling like your sports fan dreams have come true. Curious to hear more? Here, we’ll highlight some of the ways in which The Still embodies Las Vegas sports bar excellence.

Big Screens

Let’s face it: one of the biggest draws of a sports bar is the big screens. After all, you want to be able to watch the game on a bigger and more impressive screen than you might have at home!

At The Still, we don’t just have one big screen. In true Vegas fashion, we’ve gone all the way, and our 8,000 square foot space features 27 screens! So no matter where you are in the establishment, you’ll have a great view to cheer on your favorite team.

Las Vegas Sports Bar

(Source: The Still Facebook page)

Great  Beer

Beer and sports are like peanut butter and jelly, or like mac and cheese: simply better together. At The Still, we recognize this, and offer an incredible variety of all styles of beer.

Our epic beer offerings span two pages of our menu, and include drafts, which are divided into different styles, and bottles and cans. There’s literally something for everyone on our beer menu, from classic pilsners to fancier or more flavor-forward craft beer creations. Curious about what we have to offer? Check out our recent post detailing 6 beers to try.

Not just Beer

 Sure, beer and sports is a classic combination, but it’s not always everyone’s style. If you prefer a different beverage accompaniment, we’ve got you covered, too!

At The Still, we offer a comprehensive list of cocktails which are creative and delicious: not just an afterthought to beer. You’ll love our “In Good Fashion” cocktail, which features Basil Hayden Bourbon Whiskey, clover honey, and old fashioned bitters; or, sample our “Hot and Dirty” cocktail, featuring Belvedere Intense Unfiltered Vodka, Gvori Olive Juice, and Scrappy’s Firewater Habanero Tincture. We also offer red, white, and sparkling wines by the glass.

Las Vegas Sports Bar

(Source: The Still Facebook page)

Amazing Food

 At The Still, we don’t merely offer your average game day grub. We offer creative and elevated versions of game day fare, and additional delicious options to appeal to a variety of appetites.

For classicists, we do indeed offer game day favorites like chips and salsa, guacamole, Crispy Style Chicken Wings, Mini Cheese Burgers, and a variety of different tacos. However, with our professional chefs and high quality ingredients, even these standard items taste completely new!

For more daring appetites (or those who want to keep things a little healthier), we offer other items like an Organic Mixed Greens Salad, made with fresh cut vegetables, white balsamic vinaigrette, and an option to add chicken breast or steak, and our addictive Tuna Poke Bowl, made with brown rice, mixed greens or combo, avocado, seaweed, and spicy aioli.

A Larger than life Experience

 Las Vegas is a city of entertainment. Ideally, a great Las Vegas sports bar should bring some showmanship to the table. At The Still, we’ve curated not just a dining establishment but a overall sports and dining experience for our customers.

Not only is the ambiance and the food great, but we feature plenty of creative and interesting touches. For instance, did you know that the restaurant’s cuisine is all churned out of a refurbished airstream trailer which we call Bud Bud’s? Name another Las Vegas sports bar where you’ve had an experience like that!

Las Vegas Sports Bar

(Source: The Still Facebook page)

Great Events and Specials

 There’s always something going on at The Still. As you can see by browsing our Events page, we’re constantly hosting events to coincide with upcoming games, and often offer fun events like our upcoming Hot Chicks Versus Hot Wings event, coming up on Wednesday, April 25 at 7pm.

We also frequently offer specials; for instance, every Tuesday, we host Street Tacos & Tequila Tuesdays, wherein you can imbibe all the tacos and tequila you can handle for just $25, from 4pm on!

Options for Large Groups

 At The Still, we know that watching sports is more fun with friends. As such, we are happy to offer up our facilities for groups! For private groups, we have the ultimate Man Cave complete with 4 TVs and comfortable seating for up to 14 people – it’s the spot for Draft Parties, Bachelor Parties or just Guys Night Out. Alternately, our indoor patio with seating for up to 34 people and reception style for 60 people is a fun private escape complete with games and TVs for your enjoyment. Full venue buyouts are available for groups up to 330 people. So if you have an event big or small coming up, you can reach out to us here!

A great Las Vegas sports bar needs to offer a unique customer experience to truly stand out. At The Still, we’ve attended to every detail so that our customers can truly enjoy the thrill of the game in the best possible atmosphere. We hope to see you in “the ultimate man cave” soon!

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