Get Ready For The Super Bowl At The Still

Get Ready For The Super Bowl At The Still

Make Sure You’re At The Best Super Bowl Party in Las Vegas 

The greatest sporting event of the year is drawing near, and it’s time to get your ducks in a row for where you’ll catch the show. Some people opt to attend Superbowl parties at their friends or neighbors’ houses (or for the truly daring, co-worker’s house), but there are many reasons why that trend should see itself out. If you want to have the ultimate experience, then you should watch the Super Bowl at The Still–the best place to watch sports in Las Vegas! 

Seat Satisfaction 

Going to a Super Bowl party at someone’s house seems like it would be nice and intimate, but the Super Bowl isn’t a viewing of an indie film–it’s a raw and energetic experience! It can be hard to see if everyone is crowded around one TV, no matter how big it is, as someone is going to end up having to crane their neck or watch at a funny angle. There’s always that “seat that’s not actually a seat” like a cushion on the floor or an old lawn chair stuck behind the couch, neither of which are comfortable for the entirety of a game. At The Still, none of those issues exist. With their 30 high-definition TVs and 8,000 square feet of space, every seat is a good one, and no one wakes up the next morning needing to see a chiropractor. 

Have No Beer Fear 

Another downfall of the Super Bowl house party is the food and drink situation. If you don’t want to be at the mercy of your host for your drink choices, that means you have to BYOB. When you BYOB, you have to HOPE that there’s enough fridge space for you, or you’ll have to bring your own cooler. If you watch The Super Bowl at The Still, you benefit from their impressive beer menu of over 50 craft beers–one of the best and largest beer selections in Las Vegas. You can also sample their other libations like their signature cocktails or wines without having to worry about keeping them cool or taking the last one. 

A Food For All 

One of the best parts about the Super Bowl–after the game and the commercials–is the food. It’s an American tradition to be able to gorge yourself during this most enigmatic of events. If you go to a house party, you’re rolling the dice on what will be served. Usually, everyone brings some sort of “dip,” or the host orders pizzas. Watching the Super Bowl at The Still means that you can choose from plenty of their delicious menu items like burgers, nachos, and wings, and they’ll be piping hot from the Air Stream-themed kitchen. You can eat to your heart’s desire without worrying that you’ll get sick from the dip sitting out for hours in Brad’s kitchen. No one will believe you if you call out the Monday after the Super Bowl, so it’s not worth the risk! 

Choosing to watch The Super Bowl at The Still is the first win of the Super Bowl season. Make sure to reserve your seat here, and get hyped for the hoopla by checking out The Still on Instagram