Catch Every Game of FIFA World Cup 2022 at The Still

Catch Every Game of FIFA World Cup 2022 at The Still

It’s Time For Soccer and Santa! Come Watch the FIFA World Cup at The Still

‘Tis the season…for soccer? Normally, no. The FIFA World Cup is normally held in July, but this year World Cup 2022 is being held November 20th-December 18th because it is hosted by Qatar, located in the Middle East. Qatar is scorching in the summer–like actually more than Las Vegas by an average of 5 degrees if you can believe it. Despite holding off for cooler weather, this year’s World Cup will still be hot, especially because Team USA actually qualified to play this year. Here’s what you need to know prior to the kickoff of the World Cup so that you can catch every game in the best way: at The Still! 


The most popular sport in the world by far is soccer. Americans may disagree, but 3.6 billion fans worldwide think it’s the bee’s knees–and they also call it football–not soccer. In fact, it’s so popular that the next most popular sport, Cricket, trails it by over a billion fans. The first World Cup was in 1930, and it is held every four years. This is the first time the World Cup will be held in an Arab nation, which is a huge deal. That being said, keep in mind that Qatar is TEN HOURS AHEAD OF LAS VEGAS when deciphering start times for each match.  This will be the 22nd World Cup, and the rivalries are still just as intense as if the Cup were played every year–maybe even more so since there’s been extra time to stew and scheme. 

First Round: Group Matches

There are 32 teams in the World Cup overall, and teams have to earn a spot via regional qualifying matches. Only a certain number of countries can qualify per region, which is why the United States wasn’t in the last world cup and why Italy isn’t in this one. It ensures that the best soccer is broadcasted to the world. The qualifying teams are then broken down into groups based on geographical factors, seeding, and drawing lots. There are 8 groups total, seeded 1-4. Each team plays each of the other teams in the same group once, according to a league system (three points for a win, one for a draw, and none for a defeat). The two teams that finish first and second in each group qualify for the second round, called The Round of 16.

Team USA

Team USA–formally referred to as USMNT (United States Men’s National Team), squeaked back into World Cup 2022 on the final matchday. They’re not one of the top picks to win overall, but there is hope that they’ll at least make it to the Round of 16. They’ll be in Group B with Wales, Iran, and heavily-favored England. Everyone likes a good Cinderella story though, and Coach Gregg Berhalter’s boys might have it in them for a fairytale as they’re young and fresh with promising talent. Keep an eye out for Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie, and Tyler Adams as they’re typically regarded to be the ones with promising star power. Here is USMNT’s Group Match Schedule: 

USA vs Wales: Monday, 11/21 @ 12 pm Pacific 

USA vs England: Friday, 11/25 @ 12 pm Pacific 

USA vs IR IRAN: Tuesday, 11/29 @ 12 pm Pacific 

Favored Teams: FIFA World Cup

The top favorite to win World Cup 2022 is Brazil, with 4-1 odds. They are undefeated in the last 17 qualifying matches, and the last time they lost was at the end of 2019. Neymar, Richarlison, and Raphinha are hot players for the team, yet keep in mind that Brazil has not won a World Cup since 2002. The next favorite to win is the defending champions. France, with Argentina and superstar Lionel Messi closely behind them. England and Spain close out the top five, respectively. Just like March Madness, there are always some upsets early on, so secure a seat at The Still so you don’t miss a minute of the action!