Drink Your Troubles Away on National Vodka Day at The Still

Drink Your Troubles Away on National Vodka Day at The Still

The Still Features All of the Best Vodka To Celebrate National Vodka Day Right 

Vodka is the top-selling spirit throughout the entire world. In the United States, vodka makes up 25% of the total spirits sold, bypassing bourbon as the most popular around the 1970s. In colleges, it contributes to 57% of the wildest nights and best parties with only 5% claims of “I am never drinking again” the following morning (madethatup.com). The Still–being the best sports bar in Las Vegas–has plenty of amazing vodkas on-hand to help celebrate National Vodka Day this Tuesday, October 4th, so come on in and pull up a seat and take down a shot! 

Drink It Down With A Shot of History 

Like wine, vodka is one of those libations that seems to predate Jesus or even dinosaurs. However, the first documented instance of vodka being distilled was in 8th century Russia, which explains their ability to drink it like it is water. It didn’t take long for people to figure out that distilling vodka more than once made it even smoother, which gives us the basically odorless, tasteless (ish), higher-alcohol content variation we enjoy today. It’s thought that vodka became popular in the U.S. after American soldiers came in contact with it during WWI, and then started being actually produced outside of Europe after WWII, as vodka also desperately wanted to escape communism.  

Flavored Vodka 

What do Chili Pepper, Bacon, Cookie Dough, Smoked Salmon, and Peanut Butter, and Jelly all have in common? They’re all flavors of vodka! They also are probably the ingredients for a pregnant woman’s snack, to be honest. However, these wild flavors are only five of the 115 that have been developed since 2017 per the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. At The Still, the vodka flavors are slightly more traditional. With Grey Goose Melon, Skyy Vanilla, and Skky Strawberry to name a few. 

The Prom King of Drinks 

One reason that vodka is so popular is its ability to be mixed well with other ingredients due to its lack of imposing or strong taste. Basically, vodka is the ultimate team player of the Cocktail Circuit. Around the James Bond era, vodka martinis became increasingly popular and en vogue. In the aughts, the party-favorite RedBull Vodka raged onto the scene, allowing drinks to both dance on and break tables well into the night. Nowadays, it’s the Moscow Mule that rules supreme with its use of trendy ginger beer and fresh lime juice. The Still offers all variations of these popular vodka drinks in their traditional recipes as well as some with a fun twist. Try the Mango Martini with Grey Goose vodka, Mang, Lime, and Chandon Brut Classic or a Melon Moscow Mule. Need to stay awake for the game after a long day? The Still has you covered with Red Bull vodkas available in regular, sugar-free, orange, or yellow flavors.   

The Still Is Worth a Shot on National Vodka Day and Every Day

Come toast to the spirit that does the most this Tuesday, October 4th, for National Vodka Day at The Still