Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy! Enjoy An IPA At The Still 

Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy! Enjoy An IPA At The Still 

The Still Has the Best IPAs With Awesome ABVs to Heighten Your BAC

The first Thursday in August is National IPA Day, but The Still celebrates all year long with its fine selection of the OG of craft beers, the lifeblood of the hipster, the King of Hops, the finest of fermenters, the….you get it. Even if you’re not a regular pale ale pinter, there are so many wonderful variations that have sprung up during the craft beer craze that there’s an IPA brew for every point of view. Keep reading for some recs of our fav few, and a little history of the IPA just for you. 

If It’s Called India Pale Ale, Why Is it English?  

The name of India Pale Ale is confusing for most of us, not just plastics like Karen Smith. Legend has it that India Pale Ale came about in the eighteenth century when England occupied India and sent barrels of ale to soldiers stationed there via ship. With the sea voyages being so long, the tannins in the ale had extra time to ferment, giving it a hoppier, more bitter taste and its legendary ability to, errrm, f*ck one up faster. Some local lore has it that a Londen brewmaster, George Hodgson, added the extra hops to help preserve the beer, anticipating the effect of the long voyage. The more fun version is that a ship got lost on the way to India, and the soldiers cracked into the casks before arriving, and when they did finally make it, they were sauced. Whatever version you subscribe to, the name of the beer does come from the intended destination–India, so at least you’ll know that fact for trivia night. 

The Big Boys 

If you’re in the IPA for the high ABV, aka more drunk for your buck, these are The Still’s top contenders:

Dogfish Head Flesh and Blood 9%

Dogfish Head 90 Minute 9%

Elysian Space Dust, 8.2%

Dirt Wolf 8.7%

The Still Big Just Not As Big Boys

For those who might want to try a type or two without tipping over, these slightly less intoxicating IPAs are a solid choice: 

Goose Island 5.9%

Mirror Pond 5%

Ballast Point Sculpin 7%

Alpine Beer Company – Duet 7%

It’s pretty clear craft beer is here to stay, so set sail to The Still and float away with an IPA!