Delicious Healthy Food Options at The Still

Delicious Healthy Food Options at The Still

When most people think about your standard sports bar, they don’t necessarily think about health food—but here at The Still we are anything but standard. Since we aren’t your average sports bar, you better believe we don’t have an average menu. We are more than happy to announce that we don’t just have your standard pub fare here at The Still, but we also have some great health food options—meaning you can come to The Still and enjoy the best sports bar in Las Vegas, and still do it guilt-free.

Sound too good to be true? Well take a look at some of our great healthy food options so you can see first-hand just how delicious The Still makes eating healthy taste. We have two fresh-made rice bowls that put a fresh new spin on eating healthy and that make a delicious, yet filling meals at any occasion.

tuna poke bowl the still

Tuna Poke Bowl- In the mood for some fresh seafood? Give our Tuna Poke Bowl a try. It is made with brown rice, mixed greens, avocados, seaweed and a spicy aioli that is truly to die for. This is one rice bowl that is so delicious, you won’t believe that it is actually good for you.

grilled chicken rice bowl

Grilled Chicken Brown Rice Bowl- This rice bowl is made with fresh, grilled chicken breast along with mixed greens, fresh avocados, pico, diced cucumbers and pickled red onions.

Our two rice bowls are so delicious, we bet you won’t be able to choose which one is your favorite—and we don’t blame you!

Here at The Still we not only have these great healthy options but we prepare all of our dishes fresh, right in our real Airstream Trailer, located in the heart of our bar. Next time you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy a beer, a few cocktails, all the big games and some healthy fare—come on down to The Still, where we truly have it all.