Comfort Food at Las Vegas Sports Bar The Still

Comfort Food at Las Vegas Sports Bar The Still

Here at The Still, we understand the occasional craving for some comfort food. We also know it’s one the best ways to cheer yourself up after your team goes through a big emotional loss. If you are looking for some comfort food we have you covered with a few truly delectable dishes that can cheer anyone up. Let’s start with just a few of the basics.

Prime Steak Tip Skewers- Imagine tender pieces of marinated filet, soaked in our house steak sauce served over a bed of Crinkle Cut Fries. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. This is one dish that will have your belly feeling full and you feeling better.

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Beer Battered Fish and Chips- When you have the post-game blues, nothing can make you feel better than something that is deep-fried and delicious. This is where our beer battered fish and chips come in. They are made with vinegar powder and served with caper-fennel tartar sauce and of course our Crinkle Cut Fries. Talk about comfort food.

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Deep Fried Oreos- Sweet tooth? We have you covered. Our Deep Fried Oreos are the perfect cure for any post-game blues. They are made with red velvet batter, birthday cake Oreo and cream cheese icing. Of course, they are also deep fried, which makes everything better.

Fried PB&J- We know you love deep fried everything, but chances are you haven’t tried anything deep fried quite like this. We have taken everyone’s favorite comfort food, peanut butter and jelly and deep fried it. Plus, we serve it with a delectable marshmallow crème and Nutella dipping sauce.

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Mouth watering? We thought so. If you are still struggling with your post-game blues, come on down to The Still and start enjoying our delicious comfort foods. They are just the thing to have you back feeling like yourself again in no time. Trust us, these dishes are going to do the trick.