Come Get Your Game On At The Still

Come Get Your Game On At The Still

Most people in Las Vegas know The Still for being the biggest and best sports bars in Las Vegas. After all, we do pride ourselves on being the ultimate man cave—located right in the heart of the Mirage hotel. With 27 TVs, 8000 square feet, 50 craft beers on tap and our own refurbished airstream trailer that cooks up bar classics, it is easy to see why we are known as the ultimate sports bar. However, watching the big game isn’t the only way you can get in on the action at The Still.

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Here at The Still, we have tons of games for you to play while you sit back, relax and enjoy one of The Strip’s biggest, and most fun bars. We have some of your favorite classic board games like Jenga and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em that will really have you feeling nostalgic. We also have a massive Foosball table that always brings a little fun and excitement to the evening. Looking for something a little more lowkey… we also have Shuffleboard. Trust us, this isn’t your grandma’s version of shuffleboard, this is one game that you won’t want to stop playing any time soon.

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Next time you are looking for an evening out that is more about hanging with your friends and really having a good time, instead of wiggling your way through crowded clubs, come on down to The Still. We can make you a burger, or anything from our extensive food menu, grab you a beer and make sure you have all of the gaming action you need to make a night you won’t remember.

Excited to “get in the game,” we thought you would be. Come down to The Still, located right in the Mirage Hotel and enjoy a beer or two and some throwback fun of playing all of your favorite games of your childhood. All you need is a few friends and a good competitive spirit to see why sometimes playing the game is so much more fun than watching it.

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