Catch College Bowl Mania at the Still in Las Vegas

Catch College Bowl Mania at the Still in Las Vegas

College Bowl Season Is Here at the Still

We’re ready to charge full speed into one of the most exciting, joyous times of the year. We know, with all the holiday spirit flying around, you probably think we’re talking about the action packed, holiday filled last couple weeks of  2019. While we love the holidays and all the cheer they bring, there’s another reason we’re jumping up and down with excitement – it’s time for the 2019-2020 college bowl season.

While the jolly guy in red is busying himself sliding down chimneys, we’re making plans to welcome you to the hottest sports bar in Vegas for one of our favorite times of the year. We invite you to join us for College Bowl Mania, and here are all the reasons why you’ll want to say yes.

You Deserve a Break

We know the holidays can be stressful, and all you really want to do is sit back, relax and catch a bowl game or two. Just like the holidays tend to sneak up on us, so do does college bowl season, and the fact that we’re beginning to see predictions and odds pouring mean it’s time to get serious about making some plans – even amid all the holiday hustle and bustle.

What you want is to take a break, and step into a sports lover’s oasis. At the Still in Las Vegas, we’re proud to be just such a destination where you can escape and catch every bowl game of the season.

We Know How to Throw Down on Game Day

College bowl season starts in late December and carries on into January. It’s a few weeks of the year when college football fans come out full force in all their glory to cheer on their favorite teams (and maybe place a few odds on their favorites). Whether you have a few favorite bowl games you never miss, or you’re a devout college football fan that wants to catch them all, our crew at the Still is ready to make the most of your experience.

The Still, located in the iconic Mirage, has been coined as being the ultimate man cave (although women love our atmosphere, food, and spirits equally). The Still is an expansive 8,000 square foot sports fan’s dream with 27 televisions scattered around so you never miss a single action play.

While watching the game is the whole point of college bowl season, we also know that amazing food and an incredible bar are what really elevates the experience. At the Still, we’ve mastered the art of upscale bar food, and offer a menu with all your classic favorites, along with some fresh, modern takes on sophisticated bar food. Share with the table, or greedily hog a plate all to yourself. It’s game day eats, the way you want them.

Of course, we don’t want to neglect mentioning that the Still’s bar is the epicenter at the heart of the experience. It’s here that you’ll find a refurbished classic Airstream trailer that has been transformed into one of the most unique and recognizable bars in all of Las Vegas. With over 50 craft beers, along with a full bar, and mixologists who spin together unforgettable signature cocktails, game day at the Still will leave you wanting for not a thing.

College Bowl Mania at the Still

At the Still, we know how hard it can be to land a great spot in Vegas for catching your favorite bowl games. Spots get filled up quick, bars get crowded, and the next thing you know you’re packed in some shady sports bar – elbow to elbow and getting splashed by your neighbor’s pint.

At the Still, we don’t want you to suffer such a fate. You can contact us at the Still and make reservations during College Bowl Mania on any game day between December 20th through January 6th. Keep in mind that there is a $50 food and beverage minimum for all reserved tables, but with deals like our college bowl beer bucket specials, we’re quite certain you’re not going to have any trouble finding food and drink you’ll love to round out your game day celebration.

To answer your next question, yes, walk ups are welcome but we recommend that you contact the Still to reserve your spot. With such a great atmosphere, incredible food, and being located in the Mirage, the Still has become a top destination for sports lovers in Las Vegas.

Make Your Reservations for College Bowl Mania Today

What are your plans for college bowl season? Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can be cheering on your favorite team from your spot at the Still. Your most anticipated bowl game is right around the corner, so don’t wait another minute. Contact the Still and reserve your spot today.