Check Out the Amazing Game Day Food and Drinks at the Still

Check Out the Amazing Game Day Food and Drinks at the Still

Why the Still Is Your Premier Destination for Game Day Food and Drink

It’s fall, and we all know what that means. No, we’re not talking about apple cider and the impending holiday season. We’re referring to something much more important – football season! This is the time of year that sports lovers look forward to, and it’s one of our favorites at the Still. We love game day energy and can’t wait to celebrate the season’s game days with you. What makes the Still a premier spot to watch the game and grab a bite to eat? Well, you’d have to experience first hand to really understand but we can start by talking about the atmosphere and amazing food and drink combos.

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Celebrate Game Day and Satisfy Your Appetite at the Still

There’s no better day than game day, and this time of year, the calendar is packed full of them. Game day is the chance to gather a few good friends, nosh on some great food, throw back a few drinks, and let your team spirit shine. Game day even gets a little livelier when there’s some competitive spirit brewing between you and your comrades.

You know you’re looking forward to kicking back on game day, the only question is where. If there’s one thing there isn’t a shortage of in Vegas, it’s bars, with many of them showing the games on a few screens thrown here or there. This isn’t the type of game day experience you’re looking for. You want some game day fun that’s high energy and immersive, but also a far cry from the typical crowded sports bar.

For those that love their sports, love a great craft brew or specialty drink, and really enjoy bar food with an elevated twist, there’s no other place that’s going to provide a sports lover with the same experience as the Still. All through football season, the Still welcomes you to come view the action on 27 screens featuring the games you want and need to keep up on. There’s no making a special request to see your game at the Still because it will already be featured on one of our dozens of screens. You can join the Still for Monday and Thursday night football, college football Saturdays, and Red Zone Sundays – plenty of opportunities throughout the week to get your game on.

Plus, and let’s be completely honest here, it isn’t just the game that draws you to a sport bar for game day. It’s also the food. We don’t even know if it’s possible to watch an entire football game without a little (or a lot) of something to quench the appetite and tantalize the taste buds. At the Still, we take as much pride in our menu as we do in the atmosphere. This is why the Still is the place in Vegas where you’re going to find the best game day food and drink combos.

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Game Day Food and Drinks at the Still

There are other places to watch football in Las Vegas where it seems like game day food is an afterthought. At the Still, it’s part of our focus to ensure the food we put on your table matches the incredible energy and atmosphere of a football game day. Whether you’re at the bar, watching the game in glorious solitude, or cheering on your team with a group of friends, you can trust that you’ll find the perfect food and drink game day combinations at the still.

For starters, the Still isn’t intimidated by the size of your group. The Still offers up a special menu of table sized platters fit for a king and all his comrades. The platter menu includes options that will serve groups as small as 4 and as large as 18. The platters include game day favorites like chips and guacamole, buckets of wings, al pastor tacos and mini cheeseburgers. Also, you never have to worry about whether the drinks will keep coming for your group when you order them by the bucket. The Still’s buckets of beer, Red Bull, and waters are the perfect compliment to your game day platters.

Of course, the group platters aren’t the only option for great game day food. Try a steak or chicken street taco, or maybe a plate full of our famous nachos, complimented by an El Presidente Margarita. Beer battered fish and chips with a caper fennel tarter sauce is another game day favorite, especially when partnered with a cold brew from our extensive list of craft beers. The Still doesn’t leave out those who might be looking for something a little lighter for their game day celebration. A tuna poke bowl or grilled chicken brown rice bowl makes a great game day meal, especially when partnered with a mango martini or sparkling wine to celebrate your team’s victory.

About the Still at the Mirage Las Vegas

The Still is a sports bar in the heart of the Mirage that has rightfully earned the reputation of being the hottest sports bar in Las Vegas. Maybe it’s the fact that there are more than two dozen televisions in more than 8,000 square feet of a sports lover’s paradise. It also helps that with more than 50 selections, the Still is the best place to get craft beer on the Strip.

There’s also the unique atmosphere of the Still. Once you walk through the doors, you’ll easily recognize that this isn’t your ordinary Las Vegas Strip sports bar. At the heart of the Still, you’ll find the now iconic refurbished Airstream trailer that serves as the command central for the Still’s kitchen – one that happens to be known in Vegas for its upscale spin on bar food.

Where Are You Watching the Game?

What are your plans for the next game day? If you aren’t planning on being at the Still, then you’re missing out on the ultimate Vegas sports bar experience. Don’t let the next game day come and go without being celebrated in a way the occasion truly deserves. RSVP and make your game day reservations at the Still today.