Come Celebrate National Bloody Mary Day at The Still

Come Celebrate National Bloody Mary Day at The Still

Anyone who has ever celebrated New Year’s Eve before knows that New Year’s Day tends to come with one of the biggest hangovers of the year. This is why January 1st, New Year’s Day isn’t just National Hangover Day, it is also National Bloody Mary Day. If you are like us, then you know that hangovers and Bloody Mary’s go hand-in-hand and that nothing can cure the pain of a hangover quite like a Bloody Mary.

In honor of January 1st being National Bloody Mary Day, here at The Still we are celebrating with our signature Hail Mary Bloody Mary. Haven’t heard of our Hail Mary yet?

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Our Hail Mary is not your average Bloody Mary, it is so much more—and so much bigger. This drink is giant and 1 liter in size, meaning it is meant only for the serious Bloody Mary drinkers… or you can share it with your friends as well.
  2. It is one of the best Bloody Mary’s you will have. The Hail Mary is a giant version of our signature Bloody Mary which features our own secret recipe and hearty mix that has the perfect blend of spices in it.
  3. It is basically a meal. You didn’t think we would just garnish a giant Bloody Mary with celery did you? Of course not. We added a ton of extra fixings to this drink including a cheeseburger, chicken wings, a grilled cheese sandwich and a Slim Jim. We were not messing around with our garnishes, and trust us, you need to see this in person to believe it.

So, this New Year’s Day, instead of rolling around on the couch trying to get over your hangover, come join us at The Still and celebrate National Bloody Mary Day in style. We will cure your NYE hangover in an instant with our giant Bloody Mary and have you up and feeling like yourself in no time. After all, what is more fun—celebrating delicious Bloody Mary’s, or honoring National Hangover Day?

We will see you January 1st at The Still and will have a giant Hail Mary Bloody Mary there waiting just for you.