Catch Up with the Vegas Golden Knights at The Still

Catch Up with the Vegas Golden Knights at The Still

The VGK Are Still in Play: Watch the Action At The Still 


After almost three weeks on the road, the Vegas Golden Knights are finally back home at T-Mobile Arena. They are finally back on top of the Pacific Division with 66 points despite battling through multiple injuries, including captain Mark Stone. With a 5-1 over the Minnesota Wild on Thursday where the VGK scored 4 goals in the 2nd period, it’s safe to say this team is still hot and worth the watch. Make sure to catch every minute of the Vegas Golden Knights at The Still!

H3: The Still’s Beer of The Week    

Beer Name: Mirror Pond

From: Bend, Oregon 

Brewery: Deschutes 

Style: American Pale Ale 

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 40

Pairs Best With: Mini Cheese Burgers 

Why It Slaps: This beer has a good balance of hops and malt that pairs well with burgers. It starts with a crisp and citrusy hit and then finishes with a caramel finesse. It’s something that you can keep drinking without it being overpowering after a few. 

Review: “Mirror Pond tastes really good, and it also just looks like something hockey players would drink together after they knock each other’s teeth out playing on a homemade rink like it never happened. I like that in a beer.”  


Upcoming Games 

Don’t miss out on the VGK action and subsequent spirits at The Still. Come in and catch these upcoming games that are sure to have you on the edge of your seat each time: 

Thursday, February 16th: VGK vs. Sharks at 7 PM Pacific 

Saturday, February 18th: VGK vs. Lightning at 8 PM Pacific 

Tuesday, February 21st: VGK vs. Blackhawks at 5:30 PM Pacific 

If you want more insight on why you should watch NHL at The Still, check out their Instagram (pun intended).