Catch The Pro Bowl at The Still

Catch The Pro Bowl at The Still

Watch The Best in the NFL at The Best Sports Bar in Vegas 

The Pro Bowl is coming to Las Vegas February 2nd- 5th, and it’s bound to be the best yet. With many complaining that the previous Pro Bowls were tame and lame, this year will feature an exciting new format that features a flag football tournament and a spotlight on skill showcases and other aspects that make up the game. There’s a lot of hype around this year’s event of the NFL’s best, so make sure you catch all the action of the Pro Bowl at The Still!

New Pro Bowl, Who Dis? 

The NFL really wanted to revamp the Pro Bowl, so they called in the company that produced shows like American Ninja Warrior, Hell’s Kitchen, and Trading Spaces. That alone should pique your interest to want to tune in. They are putting a fun spin on a classic idea of an All-Star game, even extending it to a two-night event. For the skills competitions, they’ll keep the usual passing and best catch contests, and the Gridiron Gauntlet relay race as well, but they’re also adding a dodgeball tournament, water balloon toss, JUGS-machine catch contest, weighted wall pull, and Longest Drive golfing contest. It’s safe to say that sports fans are going to eat up the chance to watch 10 NFL Pro Bowlers on a driving range trying to impress the rest with their golf game. Hilarity is bound to ensue. 

Manning Boys Are At It Again! 

If you’re not sold that shenanigans is what the NFL is after, maybe you will be once you find out that Payton and Eli Manning will be coaching the AFC and NFC teams this year, respectively. Both are Hall of Fame quarterbacks with 18 Pro Bowl appearances as players who have also proven their comedic chops in commercials, SNL hosting stints, and with their increasingly popular Manningcast. You can check out their hilarious Pro Bowl promotion here as well as their recreating the infamous “brah!” scene from Zoolander.  

Men Behind The GridIron Masks

It’s definitely a smart move on behalf of the NFL to put this brotherly dynamic duo in the coaches’ spots when trying to change over the format of the Pro Bowl. Football can be–and has especially proven to be lately–a violent game. Many players were hesitant to compete in the Pro Bowl due to the very real risk of injuring themselves, and fans understandably weren’t as interested to watch a football game of the greats going at half-speed. Upping the ante on goofy antics and downplaying the physicality of a football game is ingenious in that it allows fans to connect with the players as individuals and as people, humanizing the players who sacrifice their bodies every Sunday on the gridiron. After the startling and scary on-field situation with Damar Hamlin earlier this month, some lighthearted and safer football fun is something fans and players alike will certainly appreciate. 

Don’t miss a minute of what is sure to be a memorable new NFL tradition. Come enjoy some great food and beverages and watch the Pro Bowl at The Still!