Catch All of the College Football Playoff Action at The Still in Las Vegas

Catch All of the College Football Playoff Action at The Still in Las Vegas

For college football fans, the month of December means one thing, and one thing only—college football playoffs. This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times in college sports as the top teams face off and we finally get to see who gets to hold the title of best team in college football. Of course, watching the games is only half the fun—you also need to make sure that you pick the right place to watch all of the action unfold.

In fact, there is nothing quite like getting to watch college football playoffs live with other fans, in an exciting bar where you can enjoy an ice-cold beer.  Don’t worry—if you are looking for that place, we have it for you. As it is right here at The Still.

Here at The Still, we have giant TVs everywhere you look. This means that every seat in the house, is the best seat in the house. No matter where you look, you are in the perfect spot to never miss a moment of the action.

There is nothing better for college football fans, then getting to see the college playoffs live. In fact, the only downside, is that there aren’t more games. While we personally would love to have 16 teams (and even more Saturdays of fun), we will take what we can get! So come down to The Still and watch all three games live, while the best teams in the country face off, and you get to enjoy eating and drinking the best upscale bar food around.

What could be better?

Remember, the college football playoff action kicks off on December 29th. The first matchup is at 4 PM, when no. 2 Clemson takes on no.3 Notre Dame in a thrilling matchup. Later on that day, at 8 PM, no.1 ranked Alabama will face off against no. 4 Oklahoma. Of course, the next week, on Monday, January 7th, there is the National College Football Playoff Championship where the winners from these two games will face off, so we can all finally discover who the best team in college football really is.

So, why not come down to The Still and enjoy all of the playoff football action live with other college football fans.