6 Reasons You Should Book Your Next Group Event at The Still

6 Reasons You Should Book Your Next Group Event at The Still

When it comes to hosting fun group events for you and all of your favorite people, there is no venue quite like The Still. Located in the stunning Mirage Hotel, The Still has become the premier sports bar on the Las Vegas strip, proving that with its fun atmosphere and expansive tap list, there is no better place for sports lovers to come, relax and have a great time.

If you are thinking about hosting a group event anywhere in Las Vegas, The Still is just where you want to be. Don’t believe us? Here is a list of just six of the many reasons why you should book your next group event at The Still.

1.We’re A laid Back Spot For Your Friends

Are you looking for a laid back spot with a casual dress code that is still in the center of the Las Vegas Strip? Don’t worry, we have you covered. The Still may be one of the premier bars in Las Vegas, but since we’re still a sports bar at heart, we like to keep our dress code casual. So, go ahead and show up in your favorite sports jersey, we promise we won’t care.

2. We Have a TON of Beer

If you love beer, we are the place for you and your group event. With more than 50 craft beers on tap at our center bar, there is a beer for every taste bud.

3. We Can Fit Your Group

Here at The Still, we know that sometimes size does matter and that we are one of the BIGGEST sports bars you will ever lay your eyes on. No matter how big your group is, we have the space to accommodate them in our 8,000 square foot sports bar. 

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4. We Are Anything But Boring

If you are worried about hosting your group event at your average, everyday sports bar, then have no fear, we are anything but ordinary. At the heart of our sports bar we even have a refurbished Airstream trailer that has been turned into a fully-functioning kitchen. Here we turn out acclaimed chef’ Brian Massie’s unique spin on upscale bar food. It is one of the many things that makes our sports bar stand out from the crowd.

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5. We Have Enough TVs for all Of Your Favorite Games

Is your group big on catching their favorite game? Don’t worry, we have you covered. At The Still, you will find 27 different 65” flat screen TVS all around our bar, playing the biggest games in sports, meaning no matter who you are cheering for, we have the game on for you.

6. We Start Early

If your group is big on day drinking, don’t worry, we are right there with you. On the weekends, our doors open at 9:00 AM so you can get here right when the morning games start and begin drinking and eating as soon as your day begins…talk about Sunday Funday!