5 Ways to Eat a Chicken Wing

5 Ways to Eat a Chicken Wing

How to Eat a Chicken Wing

While we may be a bit biased, in our expert opinion, there is nothing as delicious as a good chicken wing. Whether you like them spicy, smothered in BBQ sauce or baked to perfection, these delicious treats are nothing short of spectacular and always fun to eat. However, did you know that there are actually different ways to eat a chicken wing? Yes. There is more than one way to devour a chicken wing and the more that you know about how to eat a chicken wing the faster you can get your wings down, without missing a single bite of fresh chicken meat.

Interested in learning more? We thought you might be. This is why we have created a list of the five different ways to eat chicken wings so you can find the perfect approach for you.

1. Bite In and Pull The Chicken Meat With Your Bottom Teeth

This is the best way to eat a “drumstick” style chicken wing, and it will help make sure that you get every ounce of meat right off the bone. Plus, it will help you quickly get through that chicken wing so you can move on to the next.

2. Inserting the Entire Chicken Wing into Your Mouth

If you have an upper portion of a chicken wing and want to get as much meat off the bone as possible, simply insert the entire wing into your mouth and use your teeth to get everything off the bones. Your teeth with capture all of the meat in one slick movement. This is one of the fastest ways to eat your wing.

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3. The Old Meat Umbrella

Ok, this may not be the fastest way to eat a drumstick chicken wing, but it is common. Start at the bottom and start nibbling up to the top of the chicken wing, rotating around until you get every piece of chicken. If you stop part way through, it will literally look like you are working with a meat umbrella, and while it can be messy and can take some time, it will really help you get all of the meat.

4. The Corn on the Cob

This name is pretty self explanatory. Hold your chicken wing like a piece of corn and start taking tiny nibbles as you rotate the chicken wing around and get to all of the meat. It is a real time saver, if you are trying to down as many wings as possible.

5.  The Wishbone

If you have a real chicken wing on your hands and are dealing with a two bone portion of the wing, give the Wishbone a try. Grab each bone at the bottom—yes this requires both hands—and insert the whole wing into your mouth. As you pull the wing out of your mouth, pull the bone apart and hold back the meat.

Of course, once you choose a method, you then have the most difficult decision of all to make—whether you choose to dip your wings in Ranch or Blue Cheese. This is a battle as old as time and while we won’t tell you which side of the debate we fall on, we will tell you that this discussion is simply too serious for us to dive into now.

So, now that you know just a few of the many different ways to eat a chicken wing, it is time to start practicing! Come on down to the best sports bar in Las Vegas, The Still to enjoy a bucket or two of our famous chicken wings and try each and every approach for yourself. This is the best way for you to determine your favorite way to eat a chicken wing.